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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police arrested a man they say had a pistol that was stolen from Pender County in his back pocket when Wilmington officers stopped a car he was riding in near Hillcrest last night.

Wilmington Police say just before 11:30 p.m., officers on patrol near the Hillcrest community noticed a vehicle run the stoplight at 13th and Kidder streets. When police stopped the vehicle, they say they found a .25 caliber pistol in the passenger’s back pocket.

Police say they later discovered that the gun was stolen from Pender County. Officers say they also found nearly 13 grams of marijuana inside the vehicle. Police arrested both the passenger, Carey Cobbs, 32, and the driver, Daquan Brunson, 19, on several, separate charges.

Cobbs, who was wanted on an outstanding warrant, is charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a stolen firearm, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is in jail under $7,600 bond. Brunson is charged with simple possession of a schedule 6 drug and driving during revocation. Police say Brunson was later released.

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  • PublicAvenger

    One less monster, the WPD, and society, will have to worry about, for the next five years. WRONG He won’t even get a day. And we blame the cops, that him, and hundreds of others, like him, are committing thousands of crimes.

    And yet. When a cop is assaulted by a robber, and his friend. We stand behind the robber.

  • From The Old Jervey

    We are paying millions, in taxpayer dollars, each year, to create all this horror and madness, in Hillcrest. Let’s build more projects. Who knows, maybe we can pass Durham, in crime stats. And be number one.

    Maybe put up a sign in Hillcrest, saying “Crime Free Zone”. That won’t stop it. Adding more cops won’t stop it.

    Perhaps ending a cycle, where 16 year old girls are paid to have as many babies as they can. Out of wedlock. And creating a wholesome environment, for these children. With a working father. And no welfare dependence. That will end 90% of it.

  • nofaithnlaw


  • Barry

    Extra! Extra! read all about it! Two Black dudes are found to have dope and a stolen gun cruising the hood. I wonder if they threw up their hands and shouted “Don’t Shoot” to the arresting officer?

  • Annoyed

    Wow really? I would hope that the comment you made about putting your hands up and asking the police not to shoot was not in comparison to the Michael Brown situation. If so that was really insensitive and unnecessary. Especially since we only know what has been communicated in the media. Tread lightly because you it could just as easily be you or an unarmed family member being gunned down.

  • Barry

    I was referring to all of the idiotic behavior being displayed in Missouri. There are right ways to protest and wrong ways.

    Second, I or no one in my family would put theirself in a position to be gunned down by anyone especially the police.

    With your opinion of things perhaps you should tread lightly yourself.


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