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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger will have to wait until next month for his next court hearing.

A spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s said today both side agreed to continue Berger’s case until Sept. 9., but would not say what led to the delay. Berger was scheduled to be back in court Tuesday for a hearing on whether he violated his probation.

At a hearing in July Berger’s attorney presented a medical examination claiming Berger was mentally incompetent to help in his own defense. DA Ben David asked for a second opinion.

Berger has been in jail since June after being arrested in Watauga County for allegedly violating his probation for a DWI charge in New Hanover County. He was also charged for violating his probation after Beech Mountain Police say they found him in a home surrounded by dozens of weapons.

Berger is being held in jail under $300,000 bond.

Berger’s four-year term on the county commission ends in December. He did not file to seek reelection.

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  • Barry

    What an insignificant collection of matter he has become. I feel now he is positioning himself to a life of subsidy and entitlements. In other words a ward of the State and Federal governments. A welfare child.

    Remember Berger, the paychecks stop in December. You will have to find a way to exist and Lord knows you are unemployable. So, you better squeeze every ounce you can out of the county while you can and get signed up for every bit of social assistance you can because I think your biggest challenges lay before you.

  • Marian

    Why is Mr. Berger still a county commissioner?

  • guest111

    That’s the way to do it judges and lawyers. Keep postponing it till it just goes away or he gets into some more trouble. What a wonderful judicial system we have. No wonder criminals keep on keeping on. What a joke.

  • Guest2020

    It is not unusual for cases to be continued multiple times. It will not go away. I doubt that he will get in much trouble in the jail.

  • Anne Russell

    I agree with you, guest 111. Our “justice system” works when it is properly applied. But unfortunately, it does not make defendants accountable in a timely manner, allows dangerous persons (James O Bradley, for example) to run loose even after arrest, delays trials as you indicate, does not impose sentences commensurate with the crimes, and allows appeal after appeal after appeal. Defense attorneys and frequent criminals know how to work this dysfunctional system, as we see in the Berger case.

  • I Care Why

    He is deemed mentally incompetent, and is still in office getting paid, I assume, and in jail. Sounds like a typical politician. I hope he runs for office again.

  • Ben

    Nice job railroading a mentally ill guy. Mr. Berger very obviously needs professional help, not jail.

  • John Boy

    Too bad all the mental health hospitals across the state were closed years ago. This left folks, like Berger, to either say in jail, wander the streets, or run for public office.

  • 9743

    The second paragraph of this article states….”A spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s said today both side agreed to continue Berger’s case until Sept. 9., but would not say what led to the delay.” Both side might have agreed but it’s my guess that maybe “one” of the five county commissioners might have something to do with the delay thus having BB incarcerated indefinitely.

  • mental

    There are mental hospitals in nc, theres walter b jones in Greenville and dark cherry and I’m pretty sure the Oaks is still operating.


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