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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — A North Carolina judge is ordering a stop to the use of taxpayer money to pay for tuition at private or religious schools.

Wake County Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood ruled Thursday that the program is unconstitutional on several levels. Voucher advocates say they will appeal the decision.

Hobgood says the program pays for students to attend schools that are not obliged to meet state curriculum requirements, violating the state constitution’s guarantee for students to have an opportunity to a sound basic education.

Hobgood said it’s also unconstitutional for public funds to go to privately run and managed schools.

The judge said money cannot go to private schools. The state agency managing the funds says money that was planned for distribution earlier this week was stopped.

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  • Guest000000

    If you want your child to go to a private school, pay for it! We cannot continue to decry the quality of education in our state if we continue to support policies that are designed to undermine it.

  • Guest2020

    “Hobgood says the program pays for students to attend schools that are not obliged to meet state curriculum requirements, violating the state constitution’s guarantee for students to have an opportunity to a sound basic education.”

    That’s messed up logic. Private schools provide better academics than public schools do, so vouchers would not prevent anyone from having a sound basic education.

    When are the powers that be going to wake up and realize the public schools are not getting the job done?

  • Sgt. Dingle

    It sounds to me like you need a “liberal teacher” to show you how to properly construct a sentence.

  • guest45

    No I will not grow up if it means that I should continue to support a failing institution of public education, where students are graduated and can not read or write or do math, I will not be quiet, public education is a miserable failure, all they care to do now is be politically correct, which in part is to brainwash our children in which way to come home and try to persuade their parents how to vote, and then listen to educators whine about no raises in the last 6 years when most of us have not had a raise in the last 10 years, and most of us have not even known if we would have a job from one year to the next, so no, i want the most bang for my buck, and private schooling is where it is at, and it’s safer, and kids are given the chance to make their own decisions, not what their liberal teachers want them to think!

  • Guestman.

    If you are taking advice from children on how to vote then you have bigger problems that need to be professionally addressed. As I said, you don’t get to earmark your taxes. Suck it up and move on. Taxes are for the collective good, we all pay them even when we don’t like how they are spent.

  • guest45

    that is a liberal judge with an axe to grind, hopefully he will be dis barred, everyone has a right to choose where their kids go to school and if a parent chooses a private school then their money should be given to them in the form of a voucher, under no circumstances should you have to contribute your tax dollars to anywhere you don’t choose when it comes to getting a good education for our children, obviously public education is failing or we would not have such close minded people sitting in judgment for the good of us all, that rag draped around the womans eyes saying justice is blind is a crock, that rag is draped over her eyes because she is ashamed of what has become of the justice system.

  • Guestman.

    With that logic, I only want my tax money spent on roads that I drive on.
    I don’t have children so I want my money in a voucher so I can spend it where I want to.
    I have a good job and make lots of money so I don’t want my tax dollars going to food stamps because I don’t need them.
    Grow up, will you.

  • Jim117

    Ok if you want the money you pay in taxes for private school and not public,do the math i just did here is your voucher for the private school exactly what you would have paid the county in taxes for education.lets see if what you pay in taxes for schools will equal what you pay for a private school.Why should i have to pay for your child to go to a private school.If people want a private school then here is how it should work just like i wrote here is a voucher for what you will pay the county for education in form of taxes after you get what your share is yearly then it is up to you to pay the rest and not other taxpayers sending your child to a private school on the back of every other taxpayer is a form of welfare.Education starts in the home not in the school if you do not take part in educating your child then quit your whining,this damn ME Generation

  • Heimie Schmelter

    They pay even more in taxes due to no deduction for child credit. Their tax money goes to schools just like everyone else’s.
    Should they get e refund?
    Should they get a voucher of some sort?
    There really isn’t any difference if you think about it…

  • John Smith

    And our public schools have no reason to improve. No improvement in my life time. No hope for the children who can’t afford anything better.

  • Larry

    And this fool is trying to tell us that the government schools are educating children. What a pathetic person he is.

  • Wow

    You are a product of the public school system as that was very painful to try and decipher what you were trying to say. On your keyboard there are these punctuation marks. !?., please learn how to use them. Even my 7 yo asked “why aren’t there any periods?”

  • taxpayer

    and see which organizations/individuals donated the most money to Hobgood’s last re-election campaign. Chances are, you’ll find the groups to be associated with the NEA/NCEA.

    Hobgood has shown he’s nothing but a liberal activist judge.

  • guestwhat

    If you want to send your kid to private school, then you should foot the bill. What am I missing?


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