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WPD: Man trying to sell cell phone robbed during meeting with potential buyer


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Police are investigating after they say a man trying to sell a cell phone on the internet was robbed in a parking lot during a meeting with a potential buyer.

Wilmington Police say just after 12:15 a.m., officers were flagged down in the 1900 block of S. 16th Street, which led them to the Burger King parking lot there. That's where police say a man told them he had arranged to meet someone who was interested in buying the iPhone 5 he was trying to sell.

The man selling the cell told officers when he got the parking lot, the man he was meeting immediately demanded that he hand over the phone. Police say two more men then walked towards the victim from opposite directions.

Police say the three eventually took off running with two cell phones and a backpack. Though the man was not hurt during the robbery, WPD is investigating the crime.

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who meets anyone in the hood to buy something?

The guy selling his phone must not be bright meet anyone that time of night or in the hood!! Lucky he didn't get killed! If people wouldn't be mean or so stupid I bet could be lesser crap like this! you never go to any hood to sale or buy something unless u want get killed Duhhhhh commen scene people wake up!!


I'm a democrat with libertarian leanings who votes republican 80% of the time, but I must wonder, what does a cell phone theft/robbery have to do with politics? This site needs a "yahoo post removal" function so off topic comments can be removed.

I wonder if...

the phone being sold was his...or stolen. I can't think of too many folks who are interested in selling a a Burger King parking 12:15am.

what a idiot i hope the

what a idiot i hope the cops dont find the robbers. the seller must a republican

Pathetic: All of these responses to a jerk who's just trolling

"wilm city here", "dean baily" and a bunch of similar names, are all the same stupid troller. This is a person who gratifies himself by feeding off of the anger and indignation of others; a twisted freak who's been doing this for a long time now.

And here are all of you, still feeding him his favorite kind of gratification; a response.


re: what a idiot i hope the

"the seller must a republican"

We know how to properly construct a sentence and use proper grammar.

And the robbers

must be democrats...they think everything should be free ! ! !

what a Jerk !

Why do you have to insult republicans? If the guy was a republican he would probably have a Job and would not need to sell his phone.
You left leaning government dependent type moochers are a plague on society so just set back and eat your free cheese and let the OTHER half of the country do the heavy lifting.
You Jerk

im the bigger republican

im the bigger republican hater

How dare he generalize

How dare he generalize Republicans that way, huh? Then you make a blanket statement about Democrats. Typical.

You shouldn't pay too much

You shouldn't pay too much attention to the beach guy's comments, his talking points come straight from the "FUX NEWS" network!!

9743 Free cheese and whine

Do you mean the highest rated cable news network in the country?
Must be a reason for that. I am sure you prefer MSNBC as your eat your free cheese and whine.

The section of society that has for so long been known as the silent majority will be voting in November.

So all you pot stirring left wing gun grabbing Obama sound bite swallowing 52 states pass it before you read it unholy rollers of the donkey brigade better get together and flood every media outlet and blog site with your tired old worn out blaming someone else 99% attack the messenger the party is my God rhetoric.
That is exactly what you moochers are good at,that and trying to spend money that rightfully belongs to someone else.
But I think whatever the left is selling now no one but the government dependent drones and the misguided youth raised by Hippes are buying it.

I thought it was 57 states.

I thought it was 57 states.


Wow, theres a low information voter for you right there.

To show up at the BK downtown for what was probably a craigslist transaction, unarmed, is just stupid.

You know for sure that the seller was an anti-gun fiberal. Bet his car had Odumbo stickers on it, as well as a "Time for Hillary" one as well. Probably chose BK because he was either a) about to go use his EBT card to get fattening fast food or b) was trying to get others to show him where Ferguson was so they could go join the other unemployed maggots and march for something they have no facts on.

Sucks for you Hilary will

Sucks for you Hilary will probably be elected.I don't really care. They are all crooks. Keep defending the interests of those that would have nothing to do with you face to face. Corporate welfare/Big money is the problem. But lets go straight to name-calling on the anonymous internet. What a joke... quit being so butt-hurt about politics. Things are changing in way you don't like. Boo-Hoo. Welcome to reality. get over it or do something.

Your own "facts" probably come from biased sources.

Buying anything/meeting up on craigslist is inherently risky. There's a high likelihood that this guy was probably involved in something shady to be willing to meet at midnight to sell a phone.

I am former military and go legally armed when I meet someone for a craigslist transaction.