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CURRIE, NC (WWAY) — The rain we have seen lately has really stuck around for folks in one Pender County neighborhood, right in their front yard.

One neighbor, Ray Webber says it's time for the county to step up and do something about their flooding problem.

"We're citizens we pay taxes and they should help," Webber said.

He suggests they fix the drainage system in the lake that's overflowing and causing issues.

But the problem is, it's not the county's problem. That's according to emergency management system director Tom Collins. He says since it's private property, they can't touch it.

But neighbors are not accepting that as an answer. "That shouldn't be an excuse," Webber said. "Even though the lake is private property, the roads are basically public"

But what they say makes it frustrating is… neighbors aren't sure of exactly who owns the lake. "I just know him by Drew," Webber said.

Neighbor Robert Farrow says the house sitting on the property with the lake should be condemned, saying it's not just an eyesore, it's dangerous.

"Kids go in there and play. We try to tell them not to," Farrow said.

Webber says the problem is just to big for them to handle on their own, so the county should step in and fix it.

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  • beach guy

    go to the public records section at the Pender court house and find out who is the rightful owner of the lake as in tax records and deed,
    then go to planning and see if there was a storm water permit issued to the developer by the state, if so DENER will have it on file
    I think that you are going to find that the “Lake” and all of the storm water infrastructure is property of The Home owners association whether it be defunct or not, unless the original developer has not turned it over to the HOA. But someone has been assigned the responsibility for maintaining and repairing the the storm water permit or they never would have been issued a permit to develop in the first place
    Now what will happen is, that the county will hire a contractor to do the repairs and assess each individual property owner that abuts to the water or storm water piping and they will pay for the repairs or have a lien placed on the property.
    The first Action taken will come in the form of an Inspection by the county storm water department followed by letter of abatement from the county attorney which will give the property owners a certain number of days to fix it themselves. After that if they take no action they will get a notice of failure to comply and the consequences thereof.
    It is done everyday all over the state so pretty much this is going to come down to the property owners being responsible party and will either have to pay for the repairs or live with the results of not doing the proper storm water system maintenance over the years.

  • Guest270

    This is almost funny. Problems like this seem to pop up on the news every year. What happens is these people go buy/build a house or put a trailer in out in the middle of the woods. Often times these areas are low lying and drain poorly. There are places in Pender County that just don’t drain and correcting that is difficult without a huge amount of earth moving which is just not practical. If you’re familiar with Eastern NC and know what these areas look like you can avoid these problems.

    As for Mr. Warren. Why should the county and this includes my tax dollars pay for his poor judgement on where he decided to live? Since he decided not to live on a state maintained road I don’t think we should move the road to him.

    My parents live over a half mile off the main road and they have to deal with their driveway washing and being rough from time to time but they fix it themselves and knew what they were getting into living there. Our main roads are in poor enough shape as it is. We shouldn’t have to waste money on a private road just because people make poor choices.

  • Aimee

    Why should the county spend my tax payer dollars to fix a private problem? My driveway washes out in heavy rain and needs some rock, or better yet, pavement, should the county fix that too? No, they should not, since I am the property owner it is up to me to fix it. Sorry, but you all need to suck it up and fix your own problem.


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