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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — There is no doubt about it; sitting in traffic is a pain. A pain folks driving between Leland and Wilmington know all too well lately.

It’s the only way into Wilmington, a route many use daily to go to work, school, and appointments. But recently traffic jams on US 17/74/76 have become the norm for many drivers.

“It sometimes is a hassle, especially if we have to get into town quick,” Donald McClintock said.

“Majority of the time, it’s nothing wrong,” Elizabeth Harrison said. “Somebody maybe pulled off the road, and they just being nosy, and it just backs the traffic up.”

Harrison says a 15-minute drive to work can take her 40 minutes or more.

“And then the job tell you, ‘well you need to leave early,’ so. But you don’t ever know how it’s going to be when you get out there,” Harrison added.

It’s a problem NC DOT Assistant Engineer Wanda James says they are trying to fix.

“There’s not much we can do while we are doing this construction,” James explained. “The whole reason why we’re constructing the project is to alleviate some of that congestion.”

She says until the causeway widening project is done, drivers just need to be patient and cautious.

“Be careful when you’re driving out there,” James said. “Pay attention to what you are doing. Make sure you are looking at traffic instead of looking at the work that we’re doing.”

James says the causeway project should be done in November 2016.

She says it will add one lane to US 74-76 in each direction between 421 and the first Leland exit.

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15 Comments on "Leland traffic a mess for many"

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2015 years 11 months ago

I remember the two lanes through Belville very well Jane. It was a nightmare especially in the afternoons. You are absolutely correct about the drivers needing to be patient and courteous. Its going to be a long process but in the end it will be for the better.

Jane Crowder
2015 years 11 months ago

Does anyone remember when it was two lanes through Leland into Wilmington and you had to go through Belville? When we got the new four lanes we thought “YEA!!!” Our traffic problems have been solved….Then growth came and we have been growing ever since. With growth, we have issues. And unfortunately the traffic is the issue again, and I think this time worse…. But it will get better, but not today or tomorrow… Everyone that travels the causeway daily has got to be patient and be more courteous of your fellow drivers. Don’t… Read more »

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