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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Three Leland police officers are off the force amid state and internal investigations.

Officers Patrick McGowan and Ryan O’Connor both resigned from the department, Town Manager David Hollis says. Both men are under investigation regarding missing evidence.

Hollis said Ofc. Richard Christopher was fired Monday for neglect of duty and poor performance among other things.

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  • PublicAvenger

    I have no idea what the real truth is, here. I hope these men weren’t fired for political reasons. In Wilmington, they have “Civil Service Protection”. It’s not a union. And it’s certainly not a “get out of jail free” card.

    It means, before a officer can be terminated, or demoted, he can appeal, and have the facts weighed out, in a public hearing. By a independent, and impartial board. Which, I believe, is only fair.

    It seems like, every four years, every Brunswick County Police Department, is completely changed. Due to firings, and resignations. I’m sure many were necessary. But how many good cops have had their careers ruined by “local politics” ?

    Civil Service Protection should be given to all Police Officers, and Firemen, in North Carolina. It’s a safeguard, that will hold leaders to more accountability. And it will allow the taxpayers to know, “What Really Happened”. “Politics” are a huge part of Law Enforcement. Many officers are far more afraid of getting fired, then the occupational hazards, of the job.

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