March hopes to give justice a voice

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Submitted: Fri, 08/29/2014 - 3:16am
Updated: Fri, 08/29/2014 - 3:20pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A peaceful protest in Wilmington served as an effort to remember those killed after altercations with police.

On the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, about 50 people showed up to march and rally in memory of those who are gone. They took their message to the street in the hot sun chanting, “No justice, no peace.”

The march was in hopes of getting out the message that some in the community don’t feel justice was served after law enforcement was cleared of any wrongdoing in the deaths of four people. Those people were killed during officer-involved use-of-force incidents.

“It’s not a race thing,” said Jamie Stokely, who attended the rally with her 6-year-old son. “It ain’t about race. It’s about justice.”

For its part the Wilmington Police Department says it has had meetings with groups of all kinds and is willing to listen to anyone who has concerns. A spokesperson for the department says leaders plan to implement some of the changes suggested in these meetings. Those changes will be announced at next week’s City Council workshop.


  • Melanie says:

    Both sides are at fault. I’ve seen people (of every race) break the law and cry wolf when punished. However, I’ve also seen police break their own laws and I’ve seen them use excessive force. The human race collectively is our own worst enemy.

  • Double Bass says:

    Why didn’t the black community rally in support of the white man’s family who was murdered by 4 of their own for $10 and a sandwich?

  • PublicAvenger says:

    For crying out loud. The “Sweet Young Boy”, just robbed a store. He, and his friend attacked the cop. And both witnesses lied. “It’s ain’t about race”. Yeah Right ! It’s all about race. It’s all about “Hate-Whitey”.

    It’s time we stood up for the cops, instead of the gangsters. Oh wait, that would mean looking beyond skin color. That would mean having to face the truth.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    Chris Rock gives some easy to understand hints on avoiding a butt whipping by police.

    In virtually every case reported in the Wilmington area, police would not be using force if the perpertrators and suspects followed these simple rules.

  • Barry says:

    It is just complete ignorance. All four of the men they were “protesting” for put themselves in the predicament that turned out badly,,,,,,for them. These 50 “protesters” are just either too ignorant or are so biased and bigoted themselves that they can not see this.

    Just another signal for a handout for someone who thinks they have been wronged when in fact they have wronged themselves and the rest of the community.

  • Peace in the Port says:

    Heimie and everyone else that are making up things to say, that is not true. Do you research first not just what the media say. Do you know these guys to say they have a long criminal background? If that was your famitly member would you feel the same way. Stop calling people names when you don’t know them. We are all human and some people get caught for their wrongs and others don’t. But regardless if it is big or small who are we to judge.
    The sad part is even when the truth is told some of you are so busy judging and being hateful that it really wouldn’t matter telling it in the first place. You are not GOD!

  • Heimie Schmelter says:

    …protesters. All of the dead people they support in their protests are violent criminals with long, felonious records, multiple run-ins with law enforcement, resisting arrest, evading arrest, pulling weapons and even shooting at them.

    What do you peeps expect for police to do when put in those circumstances?

    I can tell you what I would do if confronted by them!

  • CoastalJade says:

    You are aware IT has been on CNN and they have done nothing but race bait.
    You are aware that CNN had to shut its comment boards down because people are fed up and spoke their disgust with the constant biased news site CNN.
    CNN is the same garbage ‘news’ site that crucified Zimmerman before his day in court.
    CNN is junk news and nobody even takes their stories seriously anymore.
    CNN= Communist News Network and Clown News Network

  • nabor says:

    These family’s need justice this needs to be on cnn

  • Tim says:

    These blacks are so divorced from reality they can’t help but appear to be stupid. If it weren’t for the police, most of the blacks in Wilmington would be dead–killed by other blacks. This is nothing but a stunt organized by the NAACP and the Democrat Party. Remember this in November.

  • sickofpolice says:

    Its pathetic to think that you know anything about”the blacks” sitting in your lazyboy with your confederate”the south will rise again” blanket tucking you in, so you can watch a racially biased media broadcast to somehow justify your racism. Most “blacks” like most people are the same as everyone else and just want to live in comfort and security, the incidents with the police happen to all races and all ethos’. Trust and believe when you have a cop stop you for a made up violation walk up to you with his gun drawn finger on the trigger and tell you he’s real nervous and likes to shoot alot you and the “blacks” will be equals. I’m white and have had me and my dad both targeted and mistreated by police, guns drawn and pointed in our faces fora “tag light out” thats not really out, its just some cowboy wanna be cop is looking for any reason and anyone to flex their “athority” on to make them feel like they’re not a little bi#*!. How about joining the twenty first century and let go of your idiotic beliefs about its us verses “them” mentally and realize we are all equal when starring down the barrel of a gun in the hands of someone who looks at everyone as less than human just because he has forced contact with you, especially when your skin is a different color. But hopefully you and yours doesn’t have to experience that to open your mind and eyes. Your friendly neighborhood police officer is long gone and has been replaced by overseers. Who think their job is to check everyone to make sure they aren’t doing anything he deems illegal or not what your supposed to do.

  • Toni says:

    They obviously feel like they should be able to do anything they want to do without any repercussions. For some reason, they think they are entitled to that. I don’t get it.

  • Guest6858 says:

    It IS a race thing. Another opportunity for the “downtrodden” black community to assume the role of victim. I for one am tired of it. Instead of marching, how about getting a job and supporting yourself so that I don’t have to. Getting up for work in the morning means no late nights on the street. If you’re not making trouble, the police have no reason to arrest you.

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