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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — During a rare visit to New Hanover County, Rep. Walter Jones (R-3rd District) checked out the GE Aviation plant in Wilmington to see how successful the plant’s recent investment has been.

This past year GE Aviation invested $14 million in new equipment and added 15 more jobs to the industry.

Plant Leader Jason Swinny says this expansion is proof that Wilmington can remain competitive economically.

“These expansions are important, because they keep us competitive, give Wilmington, NC, jobs and it helps us build GE Aviation’s brand within the state and within this community,” Swinny said.

Swinny says it is important any time they get the opportunity to show elected officials what they do with the technology that is involved in their success.

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  • GuestToday

    GE Aviation invested $14 million in GE Aviation new equipment but added a mere 15 new jobs?? Sounds like the ol’ joke “My parents went to Hawaii and all I got was this crummy T-Shirt.” Corporate greed at its finest – it’s clear that the building of “the GE Aviation’s brand” is waaay more important than the giving of “Wilmington, NC, jobs.”

  • guest857

    GE Aviation Wilmington has obsolete machine tools. Some of their lathes have run 24/7 (mostly) since 1980. Technology has far advanced since then. Also, GE Aviation has added 2 new manufacturing facilities in the Southeast recently adding even more new jobs. They deserve praise for keeping these jobs in the US. No, I do not work for GE Aviation. However I have worked in manufacturing most of my adult life. Americans workers need to show the world that we still are the best by adopting any lean manufacturing technique available. 15 new jobs are better than layoffs.

  • Maintenance Man

    Have you priced automated machine tools lately? They cannot be purchased at Sears or Harbor Freight. Each one is built to do a specific part of the engine. Yes, we use lathes, drills, mills and presses, but they are for Aircraft parts, not Ford, Chevy or Honda.
    Parts may be parts, but the equipment needed to make them is not cheap.


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