Rep. Jones makes rare visit to New Hanover County

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Submitted: Sat, 08/30/2014 - 2:40am
Updated: Sat, 08/30/2014 - 8:04pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington is the south end of rep. Walter Jones’s 3rd Congressional District, but it’s not a place he visits often.

During a visit to New Hanover County today, we asked the Republican if he really knows our area.

Jones has been representing the 3rd District in the US House for more than 20 years. He says its important to get to know all the counties he represents.

“For me to come down here today is to be reminded of all the good that’s being done here for the citizens of Pender and New Hanover and the surrounding counties,” Jones said during a visit to GE Aviation in Castle Hayne.

Redistricting added part of New Hanover and all of Pender counties to the district two years ago. Since then, though, Jones admits he’s come this far south only a handful of times.

“To the best of my knowledge three or four times,” Jones said.

So we asked him how well he thinks he knows the area.

“Young lady, I was in Wilmington before you were born, and maybe even your parents. I went to UNC Wilmington. I know Wilmington reasonably well,” Jones told a reporter. “Now, do I know Wilmington as well as when I was a student here? I’m learning.”

His challenger Marshall Adame says it should have been important for the congressman to get to know those counties as soon as they were added.

“Because the rest of the district has known Congressman Jones for 20 years,” Adame, a Democrat, said.

Adame says a Congressman needs to be worried about the entire district he represents in Washington.

“You had time when you needed their vote,” Adame said. “You had time when you needed something from them. When they need something from you, you say, ‘Well it’s a big county; it’s a big district.”


  • slatesplace says:

    Wow way to do her homework, I would think the fact that he graduated from *UNC-W would have been in his bio somewhere. Liberal media types don’t really have to study much when they see an R by the name though. They just try to cast any doubt they can like a good little brown shirt.

  • Amri Pat says:

    Wow… what an insightful article.

  • Guestie says:

    Nice to Governor Eugene X. Gatling (from the tv show Benson) stopping by the Port City.

  • SayWah? says:

    Jones has only been here three or four times and he can’t even remember if it’s been three times or four times? And that’s to the very “best” of his knowledge? Really?

    How much more disrespectful could an elected representative be of his constituents if he can’t even be bothered to remember the difference between three or four visits to them?

    Jones’ new campaign slogan should be “Vote for Jones, the no problems candidate. Just pay him every month, and he’ll leave you alone.”

  • Bearclaw says:

    While Jones cannot remember how many times he’s been to the southern end of his district, we do know it’s a fact that he’s had ZERO town halls in which to meet his “new” constituents. His absence and disengagement gives new meaning to taxation with representation.

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