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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Union and civil rights leaders are joining together for a series of rallies and news conferences across North Carolina on Labor Day.

The #TalkUnion tour kicks off Monday morning in Raleigh, continues at noon in Greensboro and finishes in the afternoon in Charlotte.

North Carolina NAACP leader the Rev. William Barber and North Carolina AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer MaryBe McMillan plan to talk about how important labor unions should be in America.

This weekend, about two dozen clergy members spoke up for unions in their sermons.

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  • Byron Long

    Because unions are so very important while illegal aliens flood into the country depressing wages and taking jobs. At least Obama didnt sell the unions out LOL

  • Beach Bum

    for shutting down the textile industry in North Carolina. I remember when Burlington actually stood for US-made cotton.

  • Guest000000

    You blame unions for that? I’d blame companies who decided to start buying their fabrics from foreign countries with no labor standards, where workers are paid pennies per hour in squalid working conditions. You know, kind of like the conditions that existed here before the labor movement.

  • Guest00000001

    Unions are to blame. They drive the cost up on everything you buy and there is a breaking point for companies. Let’s take a look at the price of a US made car.

  • Rebel With a Cause

    You are right………unions are mostly responsible for the influx of foreign made cars and trucks from the 70s forward. You could buy a Japanese car that would last 4 times as long as an American car for less than half the price. No-brainer.

  • Guestman.

    The unions are not to blame. A lot of labor has moved south or across the Pacific because the people there work a lot cheaper than we do.
    Furniture that was made in the U.S. has been leaving here for many years and the workers are not organized. Maybe they should be.
    KinCaid furniture, that for years advertised as solid wood and “Made in USA”, moved the last of their manufacturing to China this year and do not make anything but upholstered furniture in the USA.
    All of your major manufacturers and lesser ones get all their wood furniture from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Viet Nam and other Asian countries. It is just much cheaper to build.
    You buy a sofa from a manufacturer and the frame was built in China, the fabric came from Singapore, they ship the fabric to Mexico to be sewn in the proper pattern and then it’s all assembled in the USA.
    It’s called a global economy and getting things done as cheap as possible because Americans want cheap goods. They don’t really care where it was made.
    That is why industry is moving to other countries. Not because of unions but because the public gives lip service to goods being made here. Sam Walton figured that out a long time ago and that is what made them so rich. Not one ever went broke by overestimating the poor taste of the American people.
    If you shop at Wal-Mart, or own a foreign car, or buy goods from other countries, don’t blame the unions, blame yourself for the state we are in.

  • ClemsonBemson

    An they all controlled by that mob guy Jimmy Hoffa. First he done fake his own murder {they aint never found nothing] an now he is behind all a them price jack ups cause he is still running things an he needs a lot a that skim to keep hiding out cause that sure is expensive all a these years to be doing that.

    Its got so bad cause a that commie rat Hoffa an his skimming that even bread got to be to much money. Now we got to buy beer instead cause it don’t cost to much an has the same stuff in it. An just cause Im drinking beer to save some money over bread I done lost my job for being drunk an I had that job for four months almost!

    Them unions an that rat Hoffa is to blame for everthing !!!

  • Double Bass

    We somehow associate the NAACP with the ghetto-based blacks. I doubt if any of them are interested in a union, let alone working. The blacks that do work are too busy providing for their families to be out wasting time marching and protesting.


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