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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Today several state and federal agencies served 50 warrants and arrested 35 people in New Hanover County for drug-related crimes.

The Sheriff’s Office says it has been working on Operation Clean Sweep for more than 10 months now.

Twelve of the arrests were federal indictments for gang-related activity.

Sheriff Ed McMahon says this will only lead to more arrests.

“We are going to win. We are not going to stop. We are going to get the drug dealers. We are going to get the people that are involved with gangs. We are going to arrest them,” Sheriff McMahon said. “These 12 federal indictments, these individuals will get a lot longer of a sentence than anything by the state.”

McMahon says they plan on getting all of the guys on their list.

This afternoon, the US Attorney’s Office released the names of 14 suspects under federal indictment.

Victor Francisco Valladares, Justice Devon Price, Shamika Tarona Fennell, Tony Shaheen Davis, Victor Manuel Davila, Demond Nakai Flowers, Pearlie Armstrong, Ronald Lee Harry and Alicia Drayton are charged in a 25-count indictment. Investigators say they are part of an organization that distributed large quantities of heroin and PCP and was also involved in money laundering.

Prosecutors also say Jermaine Dale Rogers, Harlee Barsheen Tomer, Patrick McMillian Bragg, Tyquawn Washington and Vincent Bruce Jackson were indicted separately on charges related to heroin distribution.

Ten of the suspects made their first appearance in federal court in Wilmington today. If convicted, they could face maximum penalties of between 20 years and life in prison.

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  • Burgerboy

    Good, now that they caught them they need to take them trashbag criminel THUGAMUFFINS out there and make em pick up trash on the side of the road at gun point in 100 degree weather all year round and make them sleep in a ditch and eat out of a dumpster instead of letting them LAY UP all day in jail getting free health care and food and watch TV and sleep all day with all the illegal drugs they want smuggled in, all on the tax payers dime while us honest citizens that these BAGGY PANTS WEARING HOOLIGANS have terrorized have to get up and go to work every day to pay for these WORTHLESS TRASHBAG CRIMINEL SLOBS to live HIGH OFF THE HOG!!!

  • Guest2020

    100 degree weather all year long? Where? At the equator?

  • Guest-o-matic

    C’mon, you’re out there. This is police brutality! The arrests of law breakers should be against the law! Whoops, an oxy-moron…

    Grab your local Jesse J., and Dr. Al, join the protests peeps! What’s wrong with all of you? Demand these crimnulls get set free from the hands of “injustice”!

    If you take a stand for one criminal (or more), you should stand for them all!

  • thug-passion

    will the first perfect person step forward and cast the first stone.

  • Barry

    From looking at the video I don’t see one member of the arrested of the caucasian persuasion. All you protesters better get Sharpton in here and make sure there ain’t no profiling going on. Being that all these boys and girls are just normal folks who made a bad decision I am sure he could straighten everything out.

  • Guest2020

    Don’t forget barefooted in the snow.

  • Danimal

    Burgerboy you are a dope. Get a life

  • Rusty

    Lol and walk uphill both ways like our grandparents did ;)

  • Guest2020

    That is one of the most misunderstood passages in the Bible. Read it in context.

  • Guest2020

    If you’re going to accuse someone of ignorance, you should at least use proper words.

  • Rusty


    Far from perfect myself.. I’ve had warrants, 24 Hours in jail, and other stupid stuff. But nothing approaching Federal time or violent crimes. It still boils down to the lifestyle you choose and what happens as a result. Other than the occas. traffic violation I haven’t had any charges in 20 Years or so; hopefully some of these young men will also see the error of their ways and be able to say the same in 2034.

  • Barry

    Stones don’t work with thugs. There are not enough stones on God’s green earth to remedy these sub-humans. Perhaps a life sentence.

    The only ignorance displayed is your comment. People are growing tired of unabashed thuggery and you want to explain it away as to forgive? It doesn’t work anymore. Thug me once, shame on you. Thug me twice, shame on me. You don’t forgive to assume it will happen again and again.

    So “thug passion”, forget the compassion and bring on the jail cells,,,,for a long, long time. Ignorance will be the cause alright. The cause being the clang of that jail cell closing


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