As Leland traffic crawls, should drivers consider car pooling?

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Submitted: Fri, 09/05/2014 - 2:53am
Updated: Fri, 09/05/2014 - 1:12pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The frustration for drivers on US 17/74-76 in and out of Leland continues, and so do the ideas on how to fix it.

The Leland NC Traffic Reports Facebook page now has almost 2,000 members. There are constant traffic updates, and now ideas about how to solve the problem. Some people have mentioned carpooling, but not everyone agrees.

“It’s crazy,” Nancy Lent says. “It’s very heavy, slow moving.”

Lent, like many others, has been dealing with the traffic in and out of Leland for months.

The Leland traffic reports Facebook page has gained more than one thousand members in just one day. It is flooding with traffic updates and now ideas on how to fix the problem. Earlier today someone mentioned carpooling. Lent agreed with some. It is a nice idea.

“I would think carpooling would be a feasible option,” Nancy said.

Most say it is just not a realistic option. Lent even said it just doesn’t work in her schedule.

“For me, it would be easier to drive myself,” Nancy said. “If I had a bunch of people I could drive in with I would, but because I’m just one individual it’s easier for me to just go in and out.”

Her husband John says he’s even tried carpooling before.

“It’s hard to deal with people, waiting for them,” John said. “They’re supposed to be here at a certain time. Usually, they’re not. It’s too much of an inconvenience.”

Other drivers on the Facebook page say they have day care needs that make carpooling difficult. John says they should not have to even consider carpooling, because the roads should just be fixed.

“They should be building more roads ahead of time when it’s getting populated,” John said.

People on the page have also e-mailed the DOT looking for answers to try and get the roads cleared up faster.

Leland Police Chief Mike James will be meeting with the DOT on Monday to discuss ways to keep traffic moving.


  • CommonSense says:

    Here’s a brilliant idea…Have them set up lights and work during the night hours..NOT during the morning rush hour where traffic is always an issue anyways. Or, they could quit having the tractor trailers stop in the middle of 74/76 waiting to pull off into the median. Build them a little off ramp to wait, instead of blocking 1 of the 2 lanes on a major highway..Not rocket science to figure these issues out…BUT, these ideas are common sense, so everyone knows that the government won’t use them.

  • Guest2020 says:

    That’s what they have been doing in North Myrtle Beach to get ready for the new shopping center. They know how do work things down there.

  • Barry says:

    Until the DOT learns to design and implement roads that are capable this will be the norm. And since we all know the DOT or our esteemed locals are not capable of any effective foresight and planning, gridlock will remain the norm. Here in North Carolina when it comes to roads, the DOT becomes reactive instead of proactive so when all of this “improvement” is completed it will be obsolete. More of the same in perpetuity.

  • Bobby C says:

    Ok Barry the great traffic engineer, what is your proposal? Remember all those times when a 3rd crossing of the river was proposed, everyone was up in arms because it would be in or near their backyards. Any foresight and planning here is immediately met with resistance from the anti-progress NIMBY’s.

  • Barry says:

    The first thing that comes to mind is the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. It should have never been built in the configuration that it was. Obsolete when built. I believe most of the uproar was from people worried about who would be profiting from the right of way easements for the third bridge. And why in God’s green earth would they wait to build the most crucial leg of the bypass last? Never claimed to be a traffic engineer. Sometimes common sense needs to be used. Here in the southeastern part of the state that is rare. DOT does everything 25 years too late.

    There is no quick fix now short of a moratorium on development to let the roads and other infrastructure the ability to catch up. In 25 more years Hwy 17 will be gridlock from Myrtle Beach to Jacksonville with traffic lights all the way. More superb planning for down the road.

  • Guest2020 says:

    At least in Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach, you have a way to get around 17. They were smart to make Hwy 31 six lanes from the outset.

  • ViLC says:

    The traffic issues are not specific to getting in and out of Leland. I have experienced long waits for weeks trying to commute to I-40. The traffic bottle necks when the lanes try to merge coming and going. DOT —-Please find a solution!

  • Oliver Downey says:

    Car Pooling is not a smart idea due to setting ones self up for a Lawsuit from fellow passengers. They may not be covered by insurance. In the event of an accident no one is your friend.
    Drive alone it keeps life simple.

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