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UPDATE: Wilmington Police say man trying to buy pot shot in butt


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police say a man who was shot in the butt last night was trying to buy pot from a dealer when a group of teens robbed him.

They say around 6 p.m., ShotSpotter picked up shots fired in the area of 501 Evans Street. Police say that's when they found a man on his moped in the 3800 block of Princess Place Drive with gunshot wounds to the thigh and buttocks.

Officers say the man told them he went to Evans Street to buy pot when four to five teenagers with shirts covering their faces walked up behind the dealer he was talking to. Police say he told them the group of robbers then pulled out a gun and demanded money.

After the man handed over his cash, police say the teens fired several shots at him before they took off running. Police say the man was taken to the hospital, but he is expected to be OK. WPD is still investigating the crime.

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What is a pot shot and why

What is a pot shot and why would you want it in your butt?

pot shot?

no one said pot shot in the butt...he was shot in the butt..with a gun

The headline said it. The

The headline said it. The previous poster was being sarcastic because of the awkward way the headline is structured.

And the last four words of the headline were ......

...... (wait for it) ....... (wait for it) ...... "pot shot in butt" !

It was a joke. Duh!

He is lucky

A little more to the left or right and that would have ended his Father's Day!

Teenagers with guns shooting AFTER they took his money. Not good for business. No sir.

These teens will have to move somewhere else now. Who will be next? YOU, the buyer? And will they kill YOU next time? Do you think they really care if they kill you?


How do they know the criminals involved are teenagers if they were covering their faces?

By keen Observation

The same way that the victim knows the race of the shooters which, obviously, was omitted from this piece of "journalism".

Wilmington Observer