Carolina Beach Boardwalk extension project delayed again

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Submitted: Wed, 10/22/2014 - 7:30pm
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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Carolina Beach Boardwalk extension project is at a halt — again.

At the Coastal Resources Commission meeting Wednesday, the town decided to take back their request for permission to work on the project. The project would extend the boardwalk north, from Harper Avenue to Pelican Lane. The distance is about 875 feet. Officials said the request would have been denied if taken to a vote.

This is not the first time the town has requested a variance to extend the boardwalk. They made their first request back in February. That request was denied.

“They have a boardwalk already,” homeowner Renee Averett Lewis said. “It’s in our state magazine. It’s a wonderful boardwalk.”

Lewis is just one of several property owners that has concerns about the extension.

“We’re concerned about the pedestrian traffic, the noise level, but not just that,” Lewis said. ” We’re concerned about the vegetation that it’s going to interrupt and destroy if it’s built on a natural dune.”

Mayor Dan Wilcox says they’ve been trying to work with the property owners.

“Some of it goes by those particular properties, but it’s everybody’s connectivity that we’re trying to balance here.”

The commissioners questioned natural disaster safety, privacy for residents and even concerns with loud noise and partying before ultimately denying the request.

Wilcox says there is still hope.

“We’re disappointed. We’ve worked hard on it. We’ve worked in good faith with the property owners to try and bring a betterment to the town and our visitors. We would have liked to see it approved, but the message I think we’re hearing is take it back and make some revisions, so at least there is some life left in it,” Wilcox said.

Lewis says she for the boardwalk getting refurbished not extended.

“Really and truly we’re just opposed to it in general. There is really nothing they could do per say to make us for it,” Lewis said.


  • Cathy Cockrell Lane says:

    The CRC was about to vote “no” on the variance but instead offered the TCB a compromise – they could build the extension to and including the new hotel property, no further. The majority of the members of the CRC did not agree with TCB’s reasoning behind the variance for many reasons. The TCB was offered a reasonable alternative but chose to withdraw their request. Now, TCB will spend more taxpayer money to revise the request and present it again some time in the future. The objections expressed by the CRC most likely will not change because they involve individual property rights, among other things. Our elected officials with TCB failed to use good judgement today.

  • 2525 says:

    Yet once again Dan Wilcox is backing the wrong horse in the race. Lest we forget, Dan was one of the primary movers and shakers behind that giant fiasco called the Road Diet.

    Rest assured that if he got this abomination passed, he would soon be pushing to extend that boardwalk as far southward as the lake.

    One can only wonder as to how many proponents of this project would be so ardently supportive of this if that boardwalk was running right on the protective dunes directly in front of their residential beachfront property’s ocean view.

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