Mugsy’s Pub fire cause undetermined

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Submitted: Thu, 10/23/2014 - 1:19pm
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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Fire Department responded before 9 a.m. to a fire at a building at 202 Princess St. in downtown Wilmington. The address is listed for Mugsy’s Pub.

WFD Battalion Chief David Hines said the fire started in the office area in the back of the pub. Officials were unable to determine a cause so it is ruled as undetermined.

Witnesses tell WWAY they were inside offices above Mugsy’s when smoke started coming through the vents.

Firefighters say the building on fire is not connected to surrounding buildings, though one other building was evacuated.

The building is valued at $2.75 million and we are estimating $500,000 damages.


  • 211 says:

    And you know this? HOW? DO YOU KNOW THIS PERSON?

  • guest123123 says:

    I do not know them. They are not law enforcement so they would not be privy to that information. Oh and their screen name is “bunny”. Like I said not important.

  • 211 says:

    You don’t know them, but you know they aren’t privy to this information. You make light of their screen name. Whats wrong with it? A screen name is just that. They are as important as anyone. If its not important, than why did you comment?

  • guest123123 says:

    I doubt any SBI agent would tell you anything about what could possibly turn into an arson investigation. Your not that important.

  • guest123123 says:

    Its sad to see any business go down like this but these guys are probably better off. No way they were making any money there.

  • StreetSmartz says:

    In the past, they were asked to remove the items and clear the alley behind the building. If the fire started there due to their negligence, they should be liable for smoke and water damages to the neighboring premises.

  • Way to go jerk, kick a man while he’s down.

  • bunny says:

    The fire started in the office not the alley i was told by fire and SBI personally since i was there all day today with the owners dealing with their buisness going up in flames. Second their thoughts were first with the other buisness owners that were affected not themselves. My thoughts go out to them and their employees.

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