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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are investigating a copper theft that caused Monday night’s power outage. About 22,000 customers were affected, officials said.

A Duke Energy Progress spokeswoman said the theft happened at the Barnard Creek substation at around midnight.

Power was restored in about two hours, officials said. Areas affected included Kure Beach, Carolina Beach and parts of Wilmington.

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  • guesty

    Too bad the thief didn’t get fried.

  • Totally agree with you. If he/she is ever caught with our liberal court system now all that will happen is they will slap his/her wrist and say don’t do that again! That is unless possibly the judge presiding over the court case happened to be one without power.

  • zenobia

    If crackheads can do this much damage, imagine what sober terrorists with training could do.

  • Zapped

    As soon as I read what substation it was, I started thinking how they got any copper from there without getting lit up. I’ve spent plenty of time in that one, and it’s what is considered a transmission substation. Nearly everything is 115 or 230 Kv. Very little copper in there except for ground grid, or control stuff. Most everything hot is aluminum and steel. Cutting ground cables / straps is just as dangerous as cutting the “hot” side of things. Cut enough, and you aren’t cutting a ground anymore.

    Maybe they cut control cables? In any event, they had to have been in there before to case it. Hope they get caught before they do enough to hurt an employee.

  • Besty_Guesty

    According to initial reports on the Duke site and a story on WECT, the problem was originally attributed to scheduled maintenance and then to a transmission line problem. Unannounced scheduled maintenance that shut off power for tens of thousands? Really? Transmission line problem?

    Perhaps the copper was stolen. But something smells a bit fishy. Dig WWAY news puppies, dig.

  • Guest2020

    Do you remember the power outage they attributed to a cat? They didn’t know if the cat was dead or alive. How could they know it was a cat and not know the condition of the cat. That one smelled fishy as well.

  • confusedandsceptical

    how does one remove copper that can bring down the power? You would think they would have to know what they were doing so they would not be killed when removing the copper. We are expected to believe some thief just haphazardly cut the power by stealing copper? for what, money….? there has to be more to this story

  • Guest2264

    I hope the person or persons who did this get caught. I agree, too bad they weren’t still there like a strip of fried bacon. Of course with that much dangerous power, from what I hear there wouldn’t be much left of them! I don’t think they realize that some folks are in need of power because of medical equipment, it can cause a real problem for them, as well as other folks!


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