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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Our Teacher of the Week has taught in places as far as South Africa and as close as Brunswick County. But now, Matilda Scott calls D.C. Virgo Middle School home.

Scott is an 8th grade Social Studies teacher and admits she is strict in the classroom.

“Students know there are expectations and procedures that they must follow, but that gives them a structured classroom,” she said.

To keep her students interested in the classroom, Scott says she plans interactive lessons with games, plays, and technology.

“I try to get them engaged in all the lessons by making the lessons relevant to everything they would want to learn about history.”

With her commanding personality, she is very popular among the students.

“I am a leader in many capacities,” said Scott.

But there is one capacity her students take the lead in, keeping her young.

“They mostly teach me how to dance,” Scott said as she laughed.

The newest move she’s learned, the “Tweet.”

“I am dancing a lot in here,” she said as she showed our cameras her moves.

So although this teacher can be tough, she has a playful, youthful side which is why she is our Teacher of the Week.

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