Elections appeals won’t be heard until Dec. 9

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Submitted: Tue, 11/25/2014 - 9:44pm
Updated: Wed, 11/26/2014 - 12:24am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The North Carolina Board of Elections’ schedule to hear appeals of election challenges could mean the New Hanover County Commission may have to move forward next week with its current makeup.

NC Board of Elections spokesman Josh Lawson say the state board will hear appeals Dec. 9. That could include a protest by Chris Anderson of New Hanover County concerning the handling of sample ballots at a Wilmington polling place during the Nov. 4 race. The New Hanover County Board of Elections denied Anderson’s protest last week, but Chair John Ferrante said Anderson appealed Friday to the state board.

Late this afternoon Lawson said the state board had not received Anderson’s protest, but that he has until today to submit it or postmark it.

By law county commissions must pick their new leadership by the first Monday in December, but with the election in New Hanover County still not certified, top vote getters Skip Watkins and Rob Zapple cannot be sworn in Monday. That means the commission will have to move forward with its current membership, which includes outgoing Tom Wolfe and Brian Berger. The chair and vice chair will likely be chose from among continuing members Woody White, Beth Dawson and Jonathan Barfield.

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Rick Wilson
2015 years 8 months ago

Who really benefits from Hickey’s pawn filing this appeal/protest? When the Commissioners meet December 1st and by law have to choose their chairman and vice chairman……I wonder if the results would be the same if both new Commissioners were seated before this process? I believe like Woody White’s ill fated amotion process, this appeal will be seen for the farce it is. With all the drama surrounding the County Commission the last 2 years, it appears now that Brian Berger’s term will be extended until some more underhanded goals are put in place by the very person(s) that screamed loud and long for his dismissal. It is strange how priorities change. We had an election and Dr. Hickey lost. We had a recount which Dr. Hickey was entitled to ask for and Dr. Hickey lost. Does anyone believe that sample ballots left at a polling place that always votes heavily democratic kept this district from voting Republican? In the future does all a party (GOP or Dem) have to do to get the results of a district thrown out is send people in to leave sample ballots on voting machines? Does any rationale person believe a sample ballot changes the way a person will vote at the last minute? Let’s see……I am a Democrat, I am planning to vote for Democrats, I see a sample ballot with Democrats listed on it………..and this is the reason I didn’t vote for a Republican. Or, I am a Republican, I plan to vote Republican, I see a sample ballot with Democrats listed on it and decided at the last minute to vote for Democrats……….Is this justification for an appeal????? We had an election and a recount………we have two new elected County Commissioners, one Republican and one Democrat, and they are denied being able to be sworn in and to vote on who will be the chairman and vice chairman………this does not seem right to me. The law needs to be changed so that the chairman and vice chairman are not selected until the new commissioners are sworn in. Otherwise we get to start a new commission under circumstances that has a foul aroma…………………….once again.