DA Ben David sworn in today in Wilmington

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Submitted: Fri, 12/12/2014 - 11:58pm
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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — District Attorney Ben David and his Assistant DA’s were sworn into office this afetrnoon to serve New Hanover and Pender counties.

David says that the fact that during his last ten years in office he’s enjoyed three uncontested races is a testament to the good work he and his colleagues are doing. He says he is looking forward to serving for at least another four years.


  • MorningSunshine says:

    If you’ve been paying attention, not to the slick lawyers and prosecutors and dollface beat reporters who swallow whatever police and prosecutors serve them before passing it on to viewers and readers, you’ve no doubt noticed a fissure in the long-exploited practice of dishonest DA’s and prosecutors mentored to “forget any integrity with your morning coffee.” These are the pretty up-and-comers who crooked street-level law enforcement officers and detectives lie, cheat, steal, destroy and plant evidence for because integrity is frowned upon by law enforcement (its a national epidemic that claims countless lives including many each year in Wilm and NHC). D.A. Ben David is a charming source of bogus police reports, alongside crooked law enforcement who value the gang’s “Blue Code of Silence” over lives, families, justice, humanity and community well-being.

    As the main actor who’s character is selfishness and injustice and dishonesty, Ben David gets a free pass for his crimes, and is far more dangerous than most of those poor souls this DA flamboyantly sends away. To solve the epidemic, prosecutors like David, Ben and all local law enforcement must face transparency and accountability like never before. We have witnessed that the worst among us, the bullies and cheaters and immoral cling to the gang law enforcement agencies have devolved into. Except, charged with maintaining peace, it’s Ben David and the incestuous law enforcement and political circle he assists in committing and covering-up crimes…that desperately needs to be investigated and those corrupted quaranteened (in maximum securty) for very long sentences for the crime of defiling the law and public trust. David has had his chance and hurt too many good people and now he needs to go…to jail…for his criminal activities.

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    “Do you DA Ben…solemnly swear to uphold the “Git Outta Jail Free Cards and the other deal cuttin things back thar?” DA Bens reply was….>>>
    >>>”Whah…Heck Yeah-ah Pa…Whatcha thinkin askin ole me them thar wurds fer???? Wins Supper???”

  • 211 says:


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