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CASTLE HAYNE, NC (WWAY) — A Castle Hayne man pleaded guilty to two counts of felony larceny and was sentenced as a habitual felon.

According to a news release from the office of District Attorney Ben David, Cornelius Washington, 29, is considered a habitual felon because of a new statute regarding numerous larcenies.

David said Washington has been previously convicted of larceny 21 times. Washington was sentenced between 6 and half to 8 years in prison.

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  • Heimie Schmelter

    With all I’ve looked up from this website, I’ve never seen anyone more qualified as a “Habitual Felon”. This mans conviction record is so extensive, I don’t have the time to sort everything out but here are the basics:

    There may be 21 “larceny” convictions, but Ol’ Cornhole here has a total of 81 FELONY convictions! 81!!! Larceny, B&E vehicles, 2 felonies for a felon being in possession of a firearm. He should’ve been toast after the 1st one! Conspiracy, credit card theft, trespassing convictions and on and on and on.

    Add to that and additional 25 misdemeanor convictions involving the same sort of crimes.

    The big question that begs an answer is: WHY did it take 106 convictions, 81 of them being felonies for the court system to realize we had a “Habitual Felon” walking around? This man is 29 years old and has the criminal record of a 100 yr old man. These are only the times he has been “caught”.

    There is no need to wonder why violent crime has the stronghold on the law-abiding public. There is simply NO excuse as to why a man with this sort of proven intent should EVER see the light of freedom again and allowed to commit more of what we know he does best on society!

    It is utterly amazing to see that the police have obviously worked very hard to keep this smelly worm off the streets, only to have the judges and DA’s put him right back out there again, in public, to do what he’s always done.


  • GuestObserver

    Remember the old “3 strikes and your’re out” that was supposed to be the guide? It’s now takes 80 strikes to get the attention of the justice system. Our judicial system is a joke. No wonder criminals laugh at it.


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