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David Hartley was arrested May 14. (Photo courtesy: New Hanover County Sheriff's Office)

WILMINGTON, NC (StarNewsOnline.com) — David Hartley has resigned as commander of American Legion Post 10.

David Hartley, 64, of Wilmington, was arrested Thursday after the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office detectives conducted an undercover operation.

William Coddington, formerly first vice commander, was installed as the post’s commander.

A memo to post members by Kenneth Pike, the post’s adjutant, said Hartley told members he was no longer able to function as post commander.

Hartley, 64, was arrested Thursday and accused of abusing his role of supervising probationers, offering them sex in exchange for less time performing community services.

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  • PublicAvenger

    If he was caught, in a undercover operation. Based on SEVERAL complaints. I hope more charges can later be taken out on him, for each terrible act. If he mistreated several girls. I hope he will be punished, for each one.

  • PublicAvenger

    Apparently someone was really abusing people. And our Sheriff’s Dept. got to the bottom of it. It is great, we arrested this evil, slick, troll.

    So, if my troubled 19 year old niece, who has bad drug problems. And several arrests. Finds out, that if she “plays along”. A trusted custodian can abuse her body. Sign off on her. Send her down the road. Abused, and stepped on once more ? By a COWARD ABUSER. Who pretends to be “Mr. Patriot Christian Leader”. This is sick, and serious. Please DA David. Do not allow this one to be ‘slid under the rug’.

    If this fifthly, low-life, scum, is guilty. Then just like a abusive Charlatan Catholic Priest. He should be imprisoned. And his victim(s) should be able to sue him for every stinking dime he has. No mercy for a phony COWARD. This looks like the FOX, guarding the hen-house.

    We have a great Christian Sheriff, protecting our voiceless, young, troubled, girls. And trying to make a difference. Hopefully we also have a DA, and judge who will also step up to the plate.

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