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SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) — Surf City leaders are warning neighbors and visitors about an alligator swimming in the canals.

People up and down 6th and 7th streets say they’ve seen the alligator.  They brought their concerns to police and wildlife officials last week, but wildlife officers say they can’t trap and move the alligator unless it poses a real threat.

Edna Grabol says she is worried this gator is already threatening.

“I’m concerned about the fact that I have family that swims in the canal and there are other kids and adults that like to swim in the canal,” Grabol said. “We have paddle boats and kayaks and we just kind of enjoy the water, but now we’re afraid to get in.”

Wildlife officer Daniel Kennedy warned feeding an alligator could result in the animal losing its fear of people, making it more likely to approach and possibly attack someone.

The Surf City Police Department is respectfully asking those who live on the canal streets to use caution and follow Officer Kennedy’s advice. The town said to call the Police Department if you have any further questions.

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  • Diana Peterson

    We were at a vacation rental at the end of 9th street July 11th thru the 18th and saw the gator for almost 4 hours one day. He popped up right next to the boat launch and then resurfaced in the middle of the main canal and watched us watch him for a couple hours before he finally swam out towards the main channel. I have several pictures of him. A family came into the canal about 2 hours later, towing 3 little boys on a tube and 2 of the boys jumped off the tube right where the gator had been earlier! Mom and Dad just kept going, in the boat while I was having heart failure on our boat dock! I nearly jumped in to get the boys out of the water…but I knew the gator was no longer there and we did not see any other gators. He was a good 6 feet long, if not more! I went out on the upper deck on our last night there to enjoy the stars, and heard something rather large splashing around in the water, but we had seen a family of beavers and a raccoon….etc…so no idea what it was, but I listened to it for 2 hours before finally going to bed. We had paddle boards and kayaks and they had been out that morning before the gator surfaced…but they did not go out afterward. We just kept a close eye out and did not see him again.

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