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Chuck Berry 1926-2017

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Chuck Berry, the rock ‘n’ roll founder who defined its joy and rebellion in “Johnny B. Goode” and other classics, has died in St. Charles County, Missouri, west of St. Louis. He was 90.

St. Charles County Police say they responded to a medical emergency Saturday afternoon and found Berry unresponsive. He could not be revived and was pronounced dead.

Berry hit the Top 10 in 1955 with “Maybellene” and went on to influence generations of musicians. Among his other hits were “Johnny B. Goode” and “Roll Over Beethoven.”

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  • Heimie Schmelter

    Chuck Berry was the very first live concert I attended as a teenager. I still remember it vividly to this very day. I’ve always appreciated this man, his music and his legend! R.I.P. Chuck! We’re going to miss you!

    • Vog46

      For a guy who’s so concerned about the safety of children so forget this:
      “By the end of the 1950s, Berry was a high-profile established star with several hit records and film appearances and a lucrative touring career. He had opened a racially integrated St. Louis nightclub, Berry’s Club Bandstand, and invested in real estate.[29] But in December 1959, he was arrested under the Mann Act after allegations that he had sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old Apache waitress, Janice Escalante,[30] whom he had transported across state lines to work as a hatcheck girl at his club.[31] After a two-week trial in March 1960, he was convicted, fined $5,000, and sentenced to five years in prison.[32] He appealed the decision, arguing that the judge’s comments and attitude were racist and prejudiced the jury against him. The appeal was upheld,[3][33] and a second trial was heard in May and June 1961,[34] resulting in another conviction and a three-year prison sentence.[35] After another appeal failed, Berry served one and one-half years in prison, from February 1962 to October 1963”

      This guy is a child molester and you like him???
      According to you they’re perverts

      Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

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