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Amy Pharr (Photo: Columbus County Sheriffs Office)

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) –A Whiteville woman is charged with possession of marijuana.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office says Amy Rebecca Pharr, 55, was arrested during a search of Pharr’s home on Waccamaw Shores Road in Lake Waccamaw.

The Sheriff’s Office says they found two grams of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and brownies made with marijuana.

Pharr is a nurse practitioner at a medical facility in Whiteville.

Pharr was given a $3,500 bond.

She’s charged with misdemeanor possession and a felony count of maintaining vehicle/dwelling/place for use, sale or storage of controlled substance.


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  • Heimie Schmelter

    The bottom line is what she was in possession of is currently illegal, that’s just a fact of law. For some odd “reason”, they were able to obtain a search warrant for her residence. THAT in itself is substantial!
    It defeats me that such a woman with advanced degrees and a top of the step nursing career feels the need of jeopardizing or eliminating her career path because of illegal drugs. If pot was so important to her to take that risk, she was likely mis-aligned in her career duties as well.
    I WOULDN’T want her working on me as a medical professional!
    So bring it on all of you potheads complaining about drugs and law, the top of your career consists of learning to say, “Paper or Plastic ma’am?”.

    • REALConservative

      Yes, and once it was a crime to run away from the plantation, it was illegal for certain people to go to certain schools or sit on certain places on the bus or vote…but hey, mindlessly support idiotic, even unethical jobs because it’s “just a fact of law,” right?

      You can be defeated. What we want to know is why you are so accepting of gov’t processes that think it’s OK to ruin someone’s career over any volume of plant, let alone the tiny amount here.

      You can shuffle along with the rest of the “it’s the law” zombies, but there are millions of us who have stopped asking permission and will be just fine no matter how many gov’t stooges try to make people criminals because of agriculture and baked goods.

      • Guest2020

        She knew it was illegal. If her career is ruined, then it’s on her and no one else.

      • REALConservative

        So there you go hiding from the larger discussion we should’ve been having.

        You know, abortion is legal, too, so why don’t the Pro-life people just accept it and get on with their lives?

        I support the position of pro life people to change legislation on abortion, don’t you? It is the same principle here.

      • Heimie Schmelter

        Yeah? Then you go ahead and shuffle around with your three remaining brain cells high on pot, forgetting where you came from or what you were going to do, that’s your choice. And you want to call me a “zombie”? Really? Go eat another pack of cookies…doooooood. Flying planes, captaining vessels and practicing medicine isn’t for those that live to get high and and break the law to do it!

      • REALConservative

        Instead of repeating what your straw man boyfriend told you while you cuddled, why don’t you address the comment? The recreational use of marijuana is stupid and immoral, but it’s none of my business if people want to use it, and the war on marijuana is more harmful to people than the use of the plant.

        The war is over; drugs won. More accurately, show me where this provider ever committed an act of medical malpractice. Absent that, all you have is your ridiculous stereotype.

        BTW, I used to practice medicine in a state where medical marijuana is legal and widely used, and those patients are much healthier than the one’s who opt for prescription medication to treat their mood disorders and pain. Marijuana users are also far easier to deal with. Now I work in a state where the police do ridiculous things like incarcerate people for tiny amounts of marijuana such as this women had. The result is that patients are far more dependent on prescription drugs and the prisons are overloaded with non-violent criminals to the point they’ve become over loaded and deplorable institutions of corruption.

  • Guest2020

    When are people going to wake up and realize that marijuana is not a harmless drug. If it had no effect on a person, then why do people bother with it?

    • REALConservative


      Gov’t has no obligation to protect people from the things they want to put into their body. As it stands, the issue here is arbitrary, because it is no more harmful than twinkles, soda, cheeseburgers, and tanning beds. In fact, it is likely less harmful because my ED is always populated with people who spent a lifetime overdosing on the above substances. On the rare occasion I get a patient who used cannabinoids, they are never acutely ill and they never overdose.

      • Guest2020

        So you’re saying that marijuana has no effect? People don’t get stoned on it? People never drive under the influence of marijuana? I am not worried about being on the road with people who have just eaten junk food.

      • REALConservative

        No, no one said that cannabinoids “has no effect.” That’s irrelevant, too. I never said it should be legal to drive stoned. I also don’t think it should be legal to drive drunk, but only an idiot thinks we should criminalize all alcohol just because you are afraid that someone might drive drunk.

        And as a matter of fact, motor vehicle crashes have gone down in places where marijuana was legalized. There is no emerging epidemic of crashes caused by marijuana intoxication. People who use marijuana are actually disinclined to get in their car and drive.

        Your worry about people driving under the influence is a red herring.

      • Heimie Schmelter

        2020, isn’t it amazing how people that use illegal drugs always attempt to find ways to justify their behavior? Now, this person states they have “patients”. Mighty scary! Another one like this article is about!

  • REALConservative

    Long past are the days when it was respectable to be a cop in America.

    • Heimie Schmelter

      That’s the very same thing I’ve heard from other drug using, criminal felons that have had bad experiences with LEO’s. Imagine that? It’s kind of difficult to have good experiences with police in your line of work and daily activity! Some people have a difficult time learning.

      • REALConservative

        Except I don’t have so much as a traffic citation on my record. I’m board certified in family and emergency medicine, the only drugs I take are Omega 3, B-complex, and CQ10, and I’m wise enough to know when there is a problem without dragging around all those straw men that you get your advice from.

        You see, it’s you that has a hard time learning. I don’t have to get cancer to know it’s an awful experience, and I don’t have to be a felon to know that long past are the days when it was respectable to be a cop on America.

        Try again, cupcake.

      • Heimie Schmelter

        It’s your lie, so you can tell it anyway you like. Your spiteful disdain against LEO’s demonstrates your true career and lifestyle. Your acceptance and proliferation of illegal drug use would make you a total disgrace to the medical community.
        Speaking of cupcakes, your probably ready to devour a dozen by now and nod out…

      • REALConservative

        My lie?

        Spiteful disdain?

        This is why it is impossible to have an adult discussion with clowns like you. You can’t fathom any criticism for your sacred gov’t institutions. Tell me how great the IRS is. BLM. EPA. DMV. They are awesome, aren’t they?

        Proliferation of drug use? Give me a break. The amount of marijuana she had could be hidden under the cap for a bottle of Jack Daniel’s…a full bottle of which is substantially more harmful, yet legal, and you hypocrites are just fine with that.

        My mind is sharp, and my body is clean…which is why I can easily dismantle your ridiculous logical fallacies without a second thought.

        When you are done with your daily worship of all things .gov, I challenge you to TRY to describe what you think would be the characteristics of a corrupt police department. Since everyone I ask is completely afraid to try to answer that, I’ll ask it this way; what would be the traits of a municipal police department in need of reform?

      • Heimie Schmelter

        The ONLY thing you are dismantling is your own credibility as an admitted health care provider that believes in “illegal” drug use, “Illegal” being the operative word here. Be careful NOT to divulge your real name or you’ll quickly find yourself without a job. Your narcissistic and somewhat stinging posts indicate that you seem to be a legend in your own mind. Oh well, no cure for that…
        As to your accusations of corrupt police departments, that comes from experience and nowhere else. I’m a technical professional myself and do not have answers to your inquiry of “traits” of corruption. I can only tell you that being in the second half of life, I have NEVER had a police officer to be disrespectful to me in any manner. I was unfortunately the step-father of a criminal and evil step-son that was a double violent felon by the ripe age of 20. I encountered police visits to my home because of him and his alcoholic mother at least three time a month. They were always professional, always courteous, always alert and handled all situations perfectly appropriately. That’s just my experience. I always did as they requested without argument and all went very smoothly, without incident.
        Sounds like…uhhh…you had a “few issues” of a serious nature!

  • A Freedom Fighter

    Lazy cops wasting time on cannabis when murders, rapes and violent crimes go unsolved. Sickening.

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