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Simon Le Bon and Duran Duran rocked audiences at the 2017 Azalea Festival. (Photo: Dustin Dorsey/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Tonight the party continued on the Miller Light Main Stage as Duran Duran rocked audiences.

The iconic British group is known for such hits as “Hungry like the Wolf” and “Wild Boys”.

Everyone had a wild time tonight, some fans lined up at 11 this morning to get their chance to see Simon Le Bon and the crew rock out.

This is just the latest stop on their tour this year as they have been all over the country.

We caught up with one fan before who said she’s did some travelling for the chance to see her favorite band live.

“You know I grew up with Duran Duran ever since I was a teenager and every time seeing them in concert makes me feel like a teenager again,” Debbie Vernon said. “They just love performing. They do it for us and it’s such a gift to be here.”

It was definitely a gift to be there.

The band played until almost 11 Friday night.

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  • Andoora

    Duran rocks live!

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