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COROLLA, NC (AP) – The owner of a 24-bedroom home along North Carolina’s Outer Banks has gone to court, arguing the house with enough beds to sleep 50 people is a single-family home.

Multiple media outlets report the owner of the $4.6 million property north of Corolla sued Currituck County last month. The county ordered construction stopped in September 2016, three months after the state Appeals Court also issued a stop-work order.

The court ruling overturned the county’s original decision in 2013 that the home complied with residential zoning rules. Neighbors then challenged the county-issued building permit issued to homeowner Elizabeth Letendre.

In January, the Currituck County Board of Commissioners declined to amend its ordinances so Letendre could finish the house. County attorney Ike McKee says the county had no choice.


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  • James Striker

    The county will probably loose the case since a permit was issued. It is hard to make new rules retro active. But a 24 bedroom house typically means DYI Hotel and the county knew it. I think Oak island is having same problem. Single family homes do not have parking lots.

    • Heimie Schmelter

      Correct, no parking lots and I don/t know ANY family that could possibly populate 24 bedrooms with family members.
      It WOULD make one heck of a rental though, 15 families at a time @ $100,000.00 per week!

  • guest45

    and who is to say she doesn’t have a large family? just have someone check their ID’s.

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