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Radio traffic was released after someone shot at a Navassa police officer. (Photo: WWAY)

NAVASSA (WWAY) — As the State Bureau of Investigation looks into a shooting in Navassa after someone shot at a police officer, we’re getting a listen to radio traffic from the scene.

The bullet went straight through the officer’s laptop Sunday. Sergeant Scott Perez with the Navassa Police Department says it happened on Daniels Road near Cedar Hill Road.

He says Corporal Thomas Cutler was sitting in his patrol car with the windows down when a gunshot went through the car, barely missing him.
In radio traffic released Wednesday, you can hear Corporal Cutler calling in the shooting.

“I was just down Daniels and somebody shot … fired a shot at me it hit my laptop,” you can hear Cpl. Cutler say in radio traffic.

Then you can hear the dispatcher say, “What type of weapon was fired at you?”

You can hear Cpl. Cutler respond, saying, “I’m not sure. It sounded like a high powered rifle.”

They still have no suspect in the incident. If you know anything, please call police.

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