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A Madison County couple is behind bars accused of severely beating their seven-week-old baby girl.

Billy Dewayne Taylor and Jennifer Dawn Davis are charged with multiple counts of felony child abuse.

Investigators say Taylor abused his baby multiple times, starting when she was as young as four-weeks-old.

Davis is charged with failing to report the crime or get medical help.

WLOS reports the infant is in stable condition at Mission Hospital in Asheville.

Investigators say the baby is recovering from five broken ribs, five fractured ribs and two broken legs. Several ribs are currently in the healing stages from separate assaults. The baby also sustained internal swelling as a result of the last assault.


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  • Iris M Baker

    Not defending her at all, but this makes me wonder if she didn’t report it because she, too, was being beaten or controlled/threatened. With him being charged with the abuse and her only being charged with failure to report, it is likely that he controlled her to the degree that she was afraid to get any help. This is often the case in abusive relationships.

  • Kerry L. Burney


  • Denise Van

    Are you kidding me? what is wrong with people? An infant? both of these two need a beat down! Poor baby girl.

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