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Two Killed In Wilmington Auto Accident

Two men are dead after an early morning crash between a taxi and motorcycle on Eastwood Road. 26-year-old William Wilson Ward Jr. and 49-year-old Shukil Mohamed Rahibaux are both dead after the crash. Police sayid Ward was speeding on a motorcycle down Eastwood Road. He hit a taxi making a left off Rogersville Road. Both vehicles caught fire. Police said the impact was so extreme that after the fire was extinguished, the motorcycle driver was found inside the taxi. Eastwood Road was closed for more than 5 hours while clearing the wreckage. Rahimbaux, the taxi driver, owned Kat's Taxi in Wilmington. Ward had been cited earlier this month for driving without a license.

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Shak-My heart breaks. I

Shak-My heart breaks. I can't believe you're gone. I miss you so much! yes, I'm pissed with Will Ward but I also know if you were here you would say his family is hurting too. I love you so much more than you will ever know. I love you more than I knew. I miss you you so very much! Shukil. Shalom.

i want to start off by

i want to start off by saying shaq was the greatest man ive ever met. he let me and my bro live in house for 2 months jus so we could spend time with are dad i didnt hear him once complain about are messiness. he did everything he could to make us happy. im so honored to have known him. he took my side when know one else would. i will always remember you. i cant belive your gone. tyler herron

Memorial Service

A memorial for Shak will take place at Fibber McGee's on Pavilion Place in Wilmington, NC Saturday, March 7 2009 at 5:30 PM. If you can not make it please visit memorial website Link above "Friends of Shak".

Message for Wills Mother and Sister!

You still dont get it do you! what is it going to take to get into your heads that your son/brother killed my uncle! he had no licence, it wasnt even his own bike, he was DRUNK! look at the speed he was at, i can see he really wanted to kill himself but he had no right to take my uncles life with him! Im sick of hearing your gabbage about it being my uncles fault, whether he pulled out infront of him or not, Will should not have been on the road in the first place and at that speed! We are all hurting right now, you have lost someone and so have we but my uncle was innocent so stop blaming him! Face the fact that your son/brother is a murderer, he killed my uncle shak and took him away from me,so keep your mouths shut and stop hurting my family more,they dont need this right now Will has done enough damage! Mamu Zahir this ones for you.x

To William's sister

If you are making are making a turning one day and a motorcyclist comes and hits you and you survive would you apologise to them and accept responsibility? Didn't think so! Your brother is a murderer. He murdered an innocent guy and his dreams. Your brother's actions broke so many hearts that night...just stop lying to yourself and accept the truth.

I feel sorry

I feel sorry for the pain the families are going through, but i can not feel sorry for a drunk driver killing another human being. I agree with the comment that we have our opinions and are free to express them. Also we will not be left behind if jesus came down because of voicing our opinion. My advice to the family stop reading our opinions if they are going to upset you this much I don't think people are trying to hurt u they are just giving the facts.

Miss you loads.

I cant believe your gone it just seems unreal. I was looking forward to staying out in america with you it would have been the best time of my life. I remember the good times in London with you walking down wembley laughing away playing our little 1 to 10 rating game only you will know what I mean. Your 1 in a million always up for a laugh. I will really miss you. Love you loads your nephew Omar

moto vs cabbi

I feel as though this is a horrible accident. Many people get into accidents everyday. Their not done on purpose, thats why their "accidents". I have had a ticket or 2 myself and can relate to the speeding thing. not 120 but some over.. anger can cause speeding and/or when your thinking about something else you just tend to tap the gas a little harder then you intended. At that he was driving a motorcycle aka "crotch rocket". Their not called that for no reason. They are made to accell way faster then a reg. auto. You just have to respect the power a motocycle has. As for the family I really feel for both families and pray they will get through this as fast as possible and learn to be active in safe driving especially on weekends where theres more crazies out there.. I do want to say to will's(bubba)sister & girlfriend/wife to be your in my prayers girls. Keep god on your shoulder and family and friends close. And Shukil's family you lost a great guy and he will be missed by most of wilmington.

Online Memorial

I started an online memorial for Shak that will be there for ever hopefully to celebrate his life and to remind us who he was and is in his eternal spirit. Stories, photos, video, audio are welcome. I have only my own memories. The site is simple now but I will develop it along with your help.

Great loss

Shak, sorry I couldn't make it last week to be with you, now I wish I had. It seems now that the reason of the gathering of family and friends was to say goodbye to us. I could write loads about this incident because where I live has the highest rate of motobike deaths all due to extreme speeds and yes it doesn't take rocket science to work out how this biker killed shak. Just look at shaks car and it explains everything. A bike can not just turn over a huge car and virtually bend it in half without extreme speed. you will be greatly missed. RIP Shak

Always Love U Brother

My Jaan, one in a million. No one can take your place, you were special and always will be. I miss you so much. You used to say to me you dont like tears in my eyes but you've left me with tears. Hinna and Omar love you so much and miss u lots. You will always be in our prayers and I know your up there looking after our nephew Asad. Your both lying in the bed of flowers in heaven. Dad loved you so much, your lucky he's up there with u both. I know your my guardian angel and will b with me all the time. Love you lots and miss you more than you will ever know. your only sister Farry.

To whom it may concern..

To whom it may concern.. this is my father you all are talking about. A man who had other peoples lives in his hands 99% of the time. My father drove for a living and did it very well. Because of this man my father will never see his grandchildren or walk me down the isle.My sympathy does go out to Wills family. But, it just wasnt my fathers time to go... he still had many more lives to touch. But thank you for everyones sympathy.

My heart breaks

Kayla, and family.. Kayla I met you when you were just 3 years old when your dad and I were friends. I have NEVER! seen a father with so much love for his child ever before. You were and are the light of his eye. I tried keeping in touch with your Dad just because of the great guy he was, My boys went down for the summer when their Dad lived there with him and he treated them as his own. My heart breaks for this loss and I am sorry I just found out about it. There are some very angry people over this situation understandably this will not bring back this man that left us way to soon. I feel so very blessed to have known him. My son developed Miningitis when he was a baby 17 1/2 years ago and the first one to get to the hospital at 11:00 pm to sit with me was Shak and he sat with me till he had to go to work the next morning. God has another angel there with him and my life is brighter for having known him. My prayers are with you Monica Herron/Schneider

Deepest Sympathy

Kayla, My deepest sympathies for your loss. Your father touched many lives in Wilmington and we are all better people for having known him. My prayers and many, many others are with you and your family.

I am sorry

My thoughts are with you and your family! Shak was loved by so many as you can see here. He brightened the lives of everyone who knew him. I saw him a few weeks ago and as usual he was very happy. He had friends in that he hadn't seen in a very long time. He is an amazing person and one can only hope to be half as good a person as he is. This is a terrible loss to you and all of his family, and to his hundreds of friends all over. He was a great driver and it was not his time. So many people are left with an empty feeling. We looked up to him and always felt uplifted in his presence. He had that ability. I could go on and on.... I am so so sorry and I will always keep you, Shak and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Peace be with you.

This is for the text master

Ok first off my heartfelt sympathies to the families. Both have lost someone they care about. It does not really matter now who is to blame so just move on. We can sit here and argue that Will was going to fast or had a revoked license, or the red light was blinking when Shak made the turn. WHO CARES? The families aren't worried about it, they are just trying to move on after a tragedy has torn apart their lives. Secondly, I understand that people can be mean but they are entitled to their opinion. Let them think what they want to. They are not going to change their mind just cause you ask them to. If you want to argue with someone over who is guilty, make sure to not use text messaging jargon. People are more likely to take you seriously if you do not sound like a moron.

I think people need to stop

I think people need to stop bashing both drivers and look at the end result, regardless of who is to blame. It is sad that two people are gone and may God be with the families. But please shut up about who was at fault and what not. Yes most break the law everyday. Whether it be speeding (one fraction of a mile over is speeding) or turning with out signal. There are so many tiny laws that we are all bound to break one every other day or so. Not everyone is perfect and I am sure 98% of the drivers out there have done something wreckless with a vehicle. No one is perfect. I have known people who died in accidents..and I mean bad ones. It happens. Let's move away from this and let the families mourn peacefully.

I don't really see anyone

I don't really see anyone bashing either driver....mostly, there are just saying that it was Will's fault because of the laws he was breaking. That's not bashing someone, that's just stating opinions AND facts. As far as everyone breaks the law, I would agree with that, but there are different degrees at which you can break the law. I always wear my seatbelt and always use my turn signal, including times in which I don't need to, but I also almost always drive a couple miles over the speed limit. While that might be breaking the law, an infraction, it is no where near as bad as someone driving at least 65mph over the speed limit. Will is guilty of driving while license revoked, no operator license (endorsement), speeding, and careless and reckless driving....all 4 of those are a whole lost worse than my 3 miles over the speed limit


Both victims in this tragedy were loved by many and my sympathy goes out to their friends and families. I posted earlier as Shaq gave my wife and I a ride home just prior to the accident. For his family that are reading this, I just want you to know he was in such a happy place that night. As you know, he was practically always in a great mood, but he was on cloud 9 that night. He was going on and on about all those fish he caught in Florida and the great time everyone had down there. We always talked fishing and I regret that we never fished together...maybe one day in another life. One of my favorite parts of Christmas Day is when Shaq would call and wish me and my wife a Merry Christmas and thank me for my business for the year. Next Christmas will not be the same without that call. He will be forever missed.

Shak a Great Human Being

I haven't seen Shak in years since I worked with him at Lett's Taxi but even then this has come to knock the wind out of me. This was a really great guy. Genuine, Accepting just great to be around and work with. I just remember his laugh and smile. Not once did I ever see him get angry, arrogant or selfish. You don't realize how much someone had an impact on you until they are taken away. I just want his family to know I and I'm sure many of his friends and anyone that knew him share your grief each day. I can only pray that all those that are suffering find peace...

This is a news forum, not a church service.

Not trying to be cold here and my sentiments go out to both families. I am sure your loved ones are deeply missed. This article is about how an inexperienced motorcycle operator with no license, was speeding at well over 120 mph, killed himself and another human being. He hit the broadside of the Lincoln so hard, it flipped the 5000 pound car over and caused it to explode. The impact was so great that if you didn't know a motorcycle was involved, you would think it was impacted with a truck at high speed. This article provides news to its readers as a form of information. With an accident this severe and consequences this devastating, I for one, hope that some lessons are learned here. STOP, LOOK, LISTEN!!!...and most of all...OBEY THE RULES!!! While I'm sure "Shak" and "Will" both were the most fantastic people on earth, display that affection in church, in your prayers and at their sevices. This isn't the forum to beat people up because of their realization of the stupidity of this accident and how easily it could have been prevented. Nobody wanted this to happen to anyone, but some lessons need to be learned from this.

This may be "news" to you,

This may be "news" to you, but this is incident is ripping the hearts out of these families. It would be really be nice if people in this community could pull their heads out of their opinionated rears long enough to consider that.

my sentiments exactly

THANK YOU! I could not agree more. The posts that read 'Will was my uncle's brother's cousin's neighbor and was turning his life around so stop being mean' are getting ridiculous. Bottom line, he basically put a gun to the Shak's head. He broke the law and was speeding at a beyond reckless speed. I just imagine if it was my mother or brother or friend in that car, and just can't imagine. Of course it is a tragedy that Will died, but HE CAUSED the accident. He had no right to be on the road- no right to be going that speed- and no right to take another man's life. If he had a death wish, he should have taken his OWN life. Of course his family is greiving, but don't they realize he took another person's life along with his own???

Based on Will's families’

Based on Will's families’ comments on this website, it is no wonder why he was in prison or ended up killing himself. It appears no one in that family ever accepts responsibility for anything. I'm sure the armed robbery he committed wasn't his fault either.

Who made you God?

Who exactly do you think you are. Will's past has nothing to do with this accident. You are nothing more then a nosey, insensitive jerk. To all of you that feel the need to judge I hope that you are 100% perfect as well as all your family and freinds. If they aren't I hope everytime they make a bad choice everyone rips them apart. Will was so young when that happened and he did accept responsibility for it. You didn't know this man and have no right to judge him, or publicly post mistakes from his past on here. Grow up and realize that his mistake has broken his families hearts. They are going through a hard time, so show some respect.

It's obvious Will had no

It's obvious Will had no respect for the law. He spent 4 years and 7 months in prison for armed robbery. While in prison, he had 15 incidents. After prison, he habitually broke the law by evidence of his driving record-speeding, careless & reckless, no registration, no insurance, driving with revoked license. Even when he killed himself, he was driving without a license, without a motorcycle license and speeding at 120 miles per hour. What else do we need to know? There is no doubt he did NOT care if he broke the law or not and now he killed himself along with an innocent man. Those are the facts and this is a community issue. Laws need t be enforced and much stricter consequences for habitual violators.

First of all did u Google

First of all did u Google Will and just bring up everything he did wrong in his past? Yes he did do wrong things but so have you, but you are still here and your running your mouth about a person you think you know because you have "FACTS" about him, why is it that his bad outweighs his good.. He was a wonderful person.. and had a good heart.. and it’s horrible too read what people are saying. It’s not necessary. It’s not Your place to put up his Business at all.. and I’m sure “Shak “ was not as “innocent” as everyone thinks he is.. Ya’ll are just too busy trying to find out everything you know about Will so you can post your little comments. Stop blaming him, NOW. ALLISON.. and yes please write back..

No, I didn't google him. I

No, I didn't google him. I looked his record up here... His prison record is PUBLIC.


Armed Robbery is a bit more than just a little mistake don't you think? Consciously getting and packing a weapon? Threatening people's lives with it in order to steal? Just a bit more extreme than say not using your blinker or perhaps enhancing your deductions on your tax return, wouldn't ya say? People do make mistakes and bad decisions but his are way worse and beyond what anyone would consider to be "only human". Doing shots (oh yes, he was) before you get on a bike illegally you have never been licensed to drive and going 120 mph slamming into and killing an Angel IS our business. If you don't like the truth, go hide as it seems people have done his whole life. People need to feel some guilt and take some responsibility. A history of bad decisions, crime, and now manslaughter and we're still hearing that "it's okay" and "people make mistakes". I find this very disturbing.

Feelsomeguilt... sentiments exactly. Will's family accept no responsibility for his behavior. It's easy to see why he was in prison for I think this was/is a long standing behavior of the entire family.