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$300 million bypass to begin 2012

WILMINGTON -- The region's most ambitious road project, the $300 million Wilmington bypass, is set to being in 2012. Last night people had the chance to see plans for the new highway that will connect US 17 in Brunswick County with 421 in New Hanover County. And while many people think the road is needed, some who looked at the plans did not like what they saw. Victoria Zelenka moved to Leland with her husband three years ago from New York. Now she's afraid a proposed DOT highway right next to her development could jeopardize their most important investment. Zelenka said, "Our main concern is we have hundreds of homes in Snee Farms and Stoney Creek Lane. What's going to happen to our front entrances? What's going to happen to our property values? Where do we go?" But Brunswick County resident Leta Awtry was ready to sell her land to the state to expedite the construction of the bypass. Awtry said, "I just think that it's ten years too late coming. There's so much addition to the population here and it just seems like it's stymied." The proposed extension would run from highway 17 in Leland, north of the 87 intersection, to US 421 in New Hanover County. The goal is to allow more cars to travel through Brunswick County and do so more quickly. It will also facilitate hurricane evacuations. Even with the positives, residents like Zelenka want to know why it has to be so close to her home. "I realize we need roads," Zelenka said. "The county needs roads. We need the bypass. But there are so many areas of empty land they could've built in that they didn't have to put it directly in front of our homes." Allen Pope with the NC DOT said, "Unfortunately, there's not a road we can build that we don't have some negative impact on some folks. What we can do is minimize those impacts." The DOT will be buying and relocating 16 homes and nine businesses for the highway. One other note, this project is not associated with the proposed Cape Fear Skyway Bridge.

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I hope all those people out

I hope all those people out there get stranded with property values falling through the floor. Ecspecially the yankees out there! They should have done there research when they bought there house and now they don't want it to happen. Go back to NY and quit trying to ride the coattails of New Hanover County's appreciation from Leland.

Proof that ignorance is still alive in the south!!!!

Not all of those people are from the north. And furthermore, the majority of the people did ask about future projects before purchasing their homes and the realtor FAILED to disclose this little project. So before speaking about this subject I would suggest you do a little research.

They need to start it now

They need to start it now and not wait 4 years to start it. They always do things to late.

Its easy for you to say

Its not your home that they are destroying. If this was your neighborhood I bet you would feel different. Although new roads are needed, there is plenty of open land for the government to use. They don't have to take peoples homes to build new roads. And if you say that you wouldn't feel different if the government took your home for this project, I suggest you submit your address to the NCDOT for its next project.

$300 million bypass to begin 2012

I don't believe the DOT was completely honest about knowledge of the SKYWAY bridge meeting with the proposed bypass. Although we're told they are separate, the information was readily available on the web. This was the first meeting that I'm aware of that actually had streets and neighborhoods clearly visible. We attended the previous meeting at the University, and got alot of "we don't know" answers. Last nights meeting was basically to let us know it's a done deal, "but we want your comments". Your report does not reflect the intense displeasure of Snee Farm and Stoney Creek residents. We need to fight this skyway bridge now in the beginning stages to assure it does not destroy our quiet neighborhoods. I encourage all residents to email, call, write, to our representatives in Brunswick county, and New Hanover county and the Imperial Council of the City of Wilmington.

Your little petty

Your little petty developments aren't going to stand in the way of this skybridge. It will barrel right through. HA HA

I Asked

I asked one of those guys that night at N. Brunswick High about the implications of the two projects and he told me that they had nothing what-so-ever to do with each other. That told me volumes about how the NC DOT works! They need to be downgraded and downscaled! If the right hand doesn't know what the left is planning there is a problem! Jim Black was a democrat and we cannot allow this stoooopidity to go on! Our governor perpetuates this problem! Elect Carolyn Justice for governor!

stealing your property

where was the planning committe when these homes were being built? why did the town/county allow these homes to be built if this project had already been slated for the area. This is just another example of greedy government taking advantage of the taxpayer.

where was the planning

where was the planning committee when these homes were built. if they knew the project was slated for this area then why allow the homes to be built in the first place. its just another example of greedy government at the expense of tax payers.

is there a map of this

is there a map of this proposed bypass anywhere on the net? Where exactly does it start in New Hanover county?

Maps of New 17 Bypass

Try this: scroll down and read the descriptions and find the ones you wanna see. Also cut-n-paste this specifically. You can even online request maps from the DOT. Some are free.

It picks up where it currently ends

At US 421, about a half-mile North of the Louisiana Pacific plant.

Project site