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$3,353.26 Water Bill

READ MORE: $3,353.26 Water Bill
Bob Kellum can't believe what he saw when he opened his first bill from the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority on Saturday. "When I opened the bill and first looked at it I thought it was $33. Then I realized it was $3,353. That's quite a bit more than his final bi-monthly bill from the city of Wilmington, his previous water provider, a bill that totaled less than 15 dollars. Bob Kellum says he's not the only resident on Meshoe Street in Castle Hayne with an outrageously high water bill from the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority. "My neighbor directly beside me was around $2,500. Right down the street was $4,000 and to the other direction one bill was $8,000." The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority was, in part, created to make everything easier for residents of Wilmington and the unincorporated areas of New Hanover County, but Bob Kellum is not impressed with what he's seen so far. "It puts doubt in your mind. We know the intent is to serve the community these utilities, but at the same time they need to be accountable to us. You never know, if there's a mistake in our area in Castle Hayne there's going to be mistakes anywhere in the county."

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For cryin' out loud

Folks, they just crammed together two massive city and county departments with extremely complex tasks and billing operations. It's not gonna go off without a hitch. Hopefully, having all of this under one roof will one day result in a longer term better oversight and few spills. Give it a chance people.

That's a great excuse for incompetence

Who, in their right mind, releases a product that isn't ready for market? How could they not know that their billing was so screwed up? Have they never heard of testing or trial runs? Why is this county so consistently incompetent with numbers? The voters of this county rejected consolidation not once, but twice. This stands as proof that the voters knew what the County Commissioners chose to ignore - government can screw up a wet emission.

Triple bill

Our bill was triple previous bill. Why are we being billed the new rates for water used in May & June? I thought the new rates started July 1st, 2008. There was no mention in their letter about apply their fees to retroactive water use. Is there anything that can be done about these outragous fees?

First Bill...

My first bill was only about $5 higher. The cost difference in itself was nothing to cause alarm. But even before I heard of the eye popping mistakes on other bills (if these are just typos, well that's understandable at this early stage,) I was concerned that the increase was just the beginning. I read that all the old employees were retained, while new ones hired, and I would imagine some high salary positions would have also be created. So this number of employees has to be a large overhead just in itself. Can we believe this will be offset by efficiency? Can a larger public/government agency be a less costly one? My wallet can only hope.


Cool. I got it. I'm going to apply at the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority and ask for $100000000000 an hour to be the oversight director or something and wait.. it looks like I was leaning on the 0 key to long. Oh, well. I'll just fix it later, or something or whatever. Can't wait to start. I hope they like me. I'm not very good at... things, but I'm a really nice person>>>>>:-}

My water bill was twice what

My water bill was twice what it mever was in 7 years of living in my house. I thought this new company was supposed to lower the water bills? oh wait, that's what city and county officials want us to believe. Oh, i am so ready for november to be here. I don't think the most important race is the presidential one but the one right here in our town. This is the final blow. Our leaders need to go. Next, i suppose our schools system will be sold to the highest bidder.