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3rd Street Paving Ordinance Passes


Wilmington City Council unanimously voted on an ordinance to accept almost one million dollars from the state to repave about a mile of third street this summer.

The repaving is part of the five million dollar streetscape enhancement project approved as part of the 2006 transportation bond.

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no more

you mean that half of alingment shops will go out of bussiness and i dont have to wear a mouth gaurd when on my motorcycle to save my teeth

A Million dollars...

to pave one mile of road?! Is the City hiring the state DOH to do the work?


City council actually doing something productive....

If there has ever been a long time eyesore, or maybe even "car-sore" in downtown Wilmington, it has been 3rd St. It's reminiscent of riding an old wooden roller coaster with square wheels and half of the track missing.

This will be the first time in a decade where they spent a little money in the right place!

It's state money

The only reason it will go to vital infrastructure is that they can't divert it to Saffo's "arts council" or any of the other nonsensical frills that this city council blows money on.

That and...

That and the fact that Third St. is a state- owned road.