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$5 million approved for jail expansion land

WILMINGTON (AP) -- New Hanover County officials plan to buy some land to expand the county jail. The $51 million jail has been open only three years but already is near capacity. County commissioners have voted to spend more than $5 million to buy 98 acres near the jail. Max Maxwell with the property management division says there is little jail property available to expand. The jail has 648 beds and is setting up another 25. Maxwell says the facility averages about 500 prisoners each week, though many beds are reserved for women and other special prisoners. Commissioner Bill Kopp says the county is essentially full and must look to expand. The purchase would give the county the flexibility to expand the jail and build other facilities, such as a fire station. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Construction is down...we need a jail

The jail plan, which is nonsensical in every way, is just a way for the county commissioners to give lucrative contracts to their best buds. The sole motive is helping a few connected contractors who are hurting right now because poor growth planning here, and the real estate downturn everywhere, is hurting business. Realtors and their affiliated trades need government subsidies too. Instead of giving to the Salvation Army this year, give to a hurting Realtor. They are this community's greatest asset.


What is the complaint against politicians who give thier friends county and city tax money? They must be doing a good job for the same ones keep getting re-elected , and it only takes about ten per cent of the registered voters to elect them.


Instead of building a new jail, why not use the old one beside the court house? Nothing is wrong with having two jails and that one is already built. Use it for late night drop-offs or for people who have court the next morning.This seems like a better idea and much cheaper. If a deputy arrests someone at Monkey Junction, it is a very long way to the new jail, whereas downtown is closer and he could be back on patrol in no time.

Ship 'Em

Why don't we just ship all the criminal to Mexico and then we won't need a new jail!! We would all save money!


If we did that they would all come back, it is easy to get over the border into this country remember? We should drop them off in Iraq.

what about the jail?

What about the savings the new jail was supposed to have, 50 extra jailers on causey's watch. What about the murdered and raped inmates on causey's watch? What about the cost overruns of the added construction of causey's own added on wing off the jail to house his office? What about the giveaway of the old jail to causey's church? And what about the drugs sold by arrested jailer in onslow county? What makes this the most costly sheriff's department in the state? ( Just might be the way king causey runs things. $65k to stop a kids rap show.... This is OUR money folks! We've got to draw the line somewhere!

Jail Giveaway

You can't use the jail beside the courthouse because our County Commissioners have given it away fot a fraction of what it is worth.


I like the way Sheriff Joe Arpeo runs his Arizona county jail[tent city &30 cents per day food].