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5th annual Enchanted Airlie starts Friday

It's only been around since 2005, but Airlie Gardens' annual holiday light display has quickly become a holiday tradition in our area. More than 20,000 people visited Enchanted Airlie last year. This year's edition gets underway Friday night. It has a bigger outdoor model railroad display than years past and more LED lights. Airlie Gardens Director Jim McDaniel said it's a perfect holiday event for the family. "You're out of your vehicle. You're walking around," McDaniel said. "No more videos in the back and Gameboys and things like that. It's just old traditional holiday fun." Enchanted Airlie runs Friday and Saturday nights through December 22. Advanced tickets are required. For ticket information visit

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Come on now... couldn't you find something other than a community event to bash... at least it is something other than staring at a screen for a family to do... maybe $5 is too much for you to spend on a magical night of memories with your family... not for me though... we'll skip the movies, jellybeans, jungle rapids and all the rest and actually enjoy an evening outside of festivities...

Here's a thought.....

why don't the residents of the homeless camps, charge $5 per person to tour their camp. See the light of a lantern or fire. You've given to help a cause. They could take the money and go to Golden Corral for a nice meal or buy a new warm blanket or coat.

Do yourself a favor

So a family of four, would beed to pay $5 for adults and 3 for each child... Or $22 to see some lights.... Are you kidding me? With this economy and so many people hurting, they would charge to see lights that were put up to celebrate the birth of Christ? I don't know about you.. But $22 id a decent Christmas present for allot of people, and it is much more than so many will have this year... I challenge you with this...... Instead of paying MORE money to a county related function... Take the money you would have spent going to see lights and buy a toy for a child who would not get something this year.... Your heart will feel better.. And there are still so many free lights to go see... Don't forget the spirit of the season.. it is to give.... Not to go filppin spend a bunch of money looking at lights... Do yourself and others a favor... give that money to a child who may not have a Christmas....

Hey family of four... save a

Hey family of four... save a few bucks and get a carload pass for $20. And why not bring your mother-in-law, or your elderly neighbor that looks after your pets when you go away. It won't cost you another red cent. And it's more than lights. Read the article again. Where did you spend 20 bucks last week?, was it on alcohol? was it on cigerettes? how about the morning caffine? BTW, when WAS the last time you gave $20 to a kid that didn't have Christmas? How much DO YOU put in the collection plate at church? If you don't want to go, then stay home. But the rest of us are having a great time and enjoying a great community resource. Merry Christmas!

Great local events

Enchanted Airlie and the NC Holiday Flotilla are terrific nationally known events...$5 is a steal for a fun family night (1/2 price of going to a movie!!). Airlie is very involved in the community, especially in the area of environmental education. There is enough abundance in the world to support these local events and make sure every child in Wilmington has a Christmas as well. Celebrate prosperity and it will come....


What is a steal is the amount of money the County Commisoners charge the taypayer for this wonderland.

Nationally known?

"Enchanted Airlie and the NC Holiday Flotilla are terrific nationally known events..." >Funny you should say that. I called my nephew in San Diego...said he'd never heard of the NC Holiday Flotilla or Enchanted Airlie. He did ask if Airlie was a cross-dresser though.

Now that's funny.

"Celebrate prosperity and it will come"... Tell that to the homeless who are up FIFTY PERCENT in the tri county area because of a loss of jobs. You are living in a world obviously with rose-colored glasses, maybe that should be named Obama World. How ridiculous. Prosperity isn't coming anytime soon with the spending this entire government has done, repubs and demos alike. The only prosperity you can get is Christ and not the "sow a seed "Insert most TBN programs" and get prosperity" religion crap. If people will actually read a bible they may see a different Jesus than one preached at most churches and on television. There is still such thing as sin, wrath, judgement and this is what we are reaping right now. Go ahead and call me "self-righteous", however, you cannot prove me wrong. Jesus loves, but ask all 5 cities who were turned to dust about wrath. They once existed, as proven by Google Earth. America has payment to pay. The only happiness will come through Christ, when you are worshipping the Christ in the Bible, not the man in the average pulpit.


You are so right TH. So much effort has been spent on taking God out of schools, off of currency, etc. and there comes a point when God is going to do what we ask and simply not be in our lives anymore. That time may be here. This country IS beginning to reap what we have sown. The world was quite a different place about 40 years ago. People weren't so selfish and greedy. They were humble and tried to help those less fortunate (individually, not by making it a government issue.) Airlee Gardens gets donations from it's philanthropic, tax deducting supporters and maybe, what it DOES collect from the public during these shows, could GO TO THOSE LESS FORTUNATE. Merry CHRISTmas.


This is by far the best forum I've come across in ages. Where else do you see Botanical Gardens bashing? Awesome. I will correct my statement. I read the NC Holiday Flotilla was one of the top 20 fall US must see events and I lumped in Airlie, which was an outright lie on my part. Got me.

arlie or worlds largest tree?

the only free light show in wilmington is the largest christmas tree. its been a tradition for 80 years, and santa has always been there free of charge, for you to take youre own picture,but guess what ? this year santa is only going to be there for two hours on thursday night dec 3 .the first night of the tree lighting ,new hanover parks and rec say they do not have the funds to pay santa.but really they want you to spend youre money at arlie, call and complain to the parks and rec