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$700 billion rescue plan bill passed

Congress has passed the $700 billion financial industry rescue plan. President Bush wasted no time signing it into law. The House of Representatives rejected a version of the plan earlier this week - sending the stock market tumbling. The Senate modified the bill yesterday, and apparently House members were happy with the changes. The House approved it 263 - 171 this afternoon. The revised bill increased the dollar amount on FDIC insured deposits, which appealed to members of both parties. However, critics say the final bill contained too many unnecessary 'pork projects.' You can use the following link to read the complete text of the bill.

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This rescue plan is nothing

This rescue plan is nothing more than WELFARE for the rich.

Bailout Plan

There's an email going around that actually makes since regarding the bailout plan. Divide the $700billion minus taxes & send a check to all LEGAL US Americans 18+ & older. I believe the citizens can do better in saving the economy then the crooks that Bush wants to give it to. I know I would pay my mortgage, take a vacation, have a retirement savings, maybe even go out to a nice place for dinner, etc. I bet the PEOPLE can save the economy $600 wasn't enough to spit on. Suggest that to McCain & Obama & see how they respond.

Lord help us

Crooks helping crooks..........

Crooks helping Crooks

It's always been that way. What's new?