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ONLY ON 3: Veteran shot during card game says guns are not the answer

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Veteran shot during card game says guns are not the answer

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A friendly card came last night ended with one of the players dealt a bullet to the side of his head. Believe it or not, the victim is already talking in an interview you'll see ONLY ON 3.

Arthur Hicks, 70, is a tough man. He escaped what could have been a deadly situation with only a few staples in his head. He says if the community takes anything away from his story, it's that guns are not the answer.

Monday Hicks and a group of friends were playing cards and joking around with each other in back of a home at 12th and Dawson Streets in Wilmington. One of the men grew angry with Hicks's comments and confronted him. The two got into a shoving match and that's when the suspect ran off to get a gun.

"Luckily I didn't get killed, but I really don't like the idea, and it's a really distasteful feeling to have someone pull a gun on you for nothing; no reason at all," Hicks said.

Hicks, who is a veteran, quickly reacted. When he saw the gun, he hit the man's arm, and the bullet just grazed him.

"I blocked the shot, but I'm just lucky that I can do that," Hicks said

Hicks said he can't believe he got shot. He said the use of a gun is never justified.

"I don't think that a gun is the answer," he said. "I really don't and for you to get a gun after we just had a little altercation doesn't make sense to me."

Hicks said something like what happened to him has a simple solution; a solution that does not involve weapons.

"Guns ain't the answer," Hicks said. "Talk about it. I'm a 30-year vet. Military. I've been in all the wars, and then I come home safe thinking I'm safe and then get shot in my own hometown. That doesn't make sense."

So as Hicks's wounds heal, he hopes the community takes note of not only what happened to him, but what he has to say about it.

"Converstion and communication is the answer," he said.

The shooter, who police won't yet identify, faces an attempted murder charge. So far, police have not made an arrest. They say you can expect detectives to make one soon.

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You people are RACISTS.... Always leaving negative comments on every story that has a black person involved.... No one said he was drinking alcohol, he was unemployed..... that's just your assumption of what you think a black male is. He is a war veteran justlike others and deserves to get Social Security and relax now, he did his part to keep your sorry asses alive and fight for your freedom! Judgement is only for one person, aint you definantly are not him..... I can only hope that the world changes for our childrens sake that they learn to be in piece with each other, because if this is what they hear in thier homes or learn from thier parents, I feel sorry for the future!

hmmmmm careful now...

You people are RACISTS....

That isn't a judgment is it? What is the saying about the "log in your own eye"?

At any rate I thank him for his service! I hope he can get back to enjoying his retirement asap.

Stupid Comments

This was a grown man. What business of yours is it to tell him who to hang with or what to drink. Get a life and stop bashing people through the internet!

Id have to agree with both

Id have to agree with both of the above statements.

But getting shot over a game of cards is just a little crazy. Too quick to pick a gun these days.

The use of a gun is never justified?

That may stand out as the stupidest comment of the year.

Here's better advice - sitting around drinking cheap wine with Shady Grady, Bubba, and Slick Skillet is never the answer.

And if they were all out

And if they were all out working like they should be and not sitting under a shade tree drawing unemployment/disaibilty, they wouldn't have to worry about being shot over a stupid card game.


If you read the article, it says he is 70 years old and retired military after serving 30 years. Why should he be out working. He's retired dumba**!

no your comment might stand

no your comment might stand out as the most ignorant comment of the year.

Sounds like Hicks created

Sounds like Hicks created the problem himself by running his mouth.

still funny

I still love the comment.

pretty funny

I didn't read where he said never justified. Just that guns weren't the answer. That makes a big diffence in his point. Anyway the comment was pretty funny. We all should avoid cheap wine, Slick Skillet and his gang.

You need serious mental health help

First off, there is no reference in the article to drinking ANY type of alcohol.

Secondly, what has socially playing cards got to do with squat? What's next? Are you going to start screaming that playing card games with your frineds is the cause of all the world's ills? Hey, maybe we can include playing card games along with computer/video games and demand that such activity be banned too! After all, playing card games is "interactive".

You know what it really looks like? Someone actually said that the use of a gun as a solution to a verbal confrontation was a stupid, idiotic idea and you apparently think that it IS a wonderful solution so, why not make some idiotic comment to divert attention away from your clear support of violent responses to non-violent confrontations.

Really, someone needs to identify you and warn your family and friends that you are a mentally disturbed sociopath and may very well be a threat to others. Even local authorities need to be warned about about you. Someone with such an attitude is a clear and present danger to others.

Welcome back, Andy!

Haven't seen you in a long time. Finally paroled from the rubber room, after your annual tune-up?

Here is the exact quote from the article: "He said the use of a gun is NEVER justified." (Emphasis added)

Now, I know that you are absolutely terrified of violence, but there are many occasions when the use of a firearm **is** justified. That's why we have a standing army. That's why we arm police officers. That's why people keep firearms in their home, or get licensed to carry one.

Now if Mister Hicks had said that "Using a gun to settle a score while Shady Grady, Bubba, Slick Skillet and I are playing cards and polishing off a few bottles of NightTrain Express," I'd have to agree with him.

As one who is alive because on more than one occasion when I needed a firearm, I had one, I must disagree that using a gun is never justified.

Good luck and I hope the new meds work.


If you watched the video, he never said the use of a gun is Never justified.He said guns were not the answer,seemingly referring to what happened to him.Also you didn't see any quotation marks around the part where he said guns were never justified.

His point is still valid

Regardlesss of whether Hicks said it or the reporter simply wrote it, it is in the article.