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7 students die in Ocean Isle fire

READ MORE: 7 students die in Ocean Isle fire
OCEAN ISLE -- New information has been released about the deadly fire in Ocean Isle Sunday morning. Thirteen college students were in town for the weekend looking to simply have a good time. The weekend ended with seven of those students dead, after the home they were staying in caught on fire. The call about the fire came into the ocean isle fire department just as crews were changing shifts. It was immediately apparent they needed all hands on deck. Ocean Isle Fire Department Chief Robert Yoho said, "Once they got on the bridge they could see the intensity from the bridge and immediately called for additional manpower." In the four minutes it took crews to respond, the home became completely engulfed in flames. It's unknown exactly how long the fire had been burning before anyone noticed. "With the wind blowing, it might not have been how long we thought it was because with the wind, it just basically feeds the fire," Chief Yoho said. Crews were aware when they responded to the 911 call that people were still trapped in the home. "Two members did attempt to make a, what we call, an interior attack. They made it to the top of the steps onto the first floor and the heat and the flames were too intense they had to back out," Yoho said. "By this time we knew if there were anyone in the house there was nothing we could do." Exactly what caused the fire that claimed the lives of those seven college students is still unknown. The mayor of Ocean Isle says it most likely started on the homes back deck. Nearby neighbors speculate a grill may be to blame. "The SBI came over here and was looking in the charcoal, in the grills to see if there were any hot coals. There were none, so they may have some suspect that it was due to charcoal. I don't know." Officials have not released the cause of the fire; it is still under investigation by the SBI and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. The victims' bodies have been sent to Chapel Hill Medical Center for autopsies. No word on whether they died from smoke inhalation or from burns. Investigators have also not revealed the names of the seven people killed.

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Lets wait until friday when

Lets wait until friday when the reports are released. For those disclaiming alcohol and maybe even drugs played a role- DO NOT RULE IT OUT. I live in an area that attracts visitors like thes students and have personally seen fires that have claimed lives. I am a assistant fire chief and over 25 years on the job. Without being there at the time of the fire and not knowing the victims, I believe this is another tradagy and my heart goes out to the famalies, friends and classmates. STOP POINTING FINGERS AT WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW!!!!!

OIB Fire

Will the first person who never did anything dumb as a youth please stand up. Even if they did drink, which of us as teenagers never push the limits. The difference between these young people and all of us who made it is LUCK!!!. What ever this turns out to be lives are lost, not just for those who died in the fire, but those who survived, the firefighters, ems, police, neighbors who witnessed the horror will never be the same. Out of respect for everyone, lets not speculate about drinking. Let's turn our attention and engery on helping those who witness this to heal and survive the pain they must go threw to heal.

oib fire

I agree with ya, drinking, what does that have to do with it, most likely, nothing!!!! it started in the early morning, they didnt stay up till the sun came up bbq'n, at least i sure wouldn't, and treated deck wook is pretty hard to set on fire, a candel would not do it, we will eventually find out that something extremely stupid happened, hopefully no one was at fault ( meaning it wasnt on purpose)

Lay off the alcohol

Lay off the alcohol comments, would you? Alcohol isn't the only reason a person would sleep through a fire alarm. Haven't you seen reports where an alarm was set off and families managed to sleep through them? Some people do not wake up from fire alarms, its scary but a fact.

Fire Victims

My son was at Ocean Isle Beach just 2 weekends ago, in the same situation, spending Fall Break at a friend's private beach house. My heart goes out to these families. I have been reminded everyday since Sunday to thank God for my son, and remind him of how much I love him. Regardless of the activities these students may have participated in that day, they are sons and daughters of someone just like me. They were promising young lives ready to embark on their dreams, and their parents are now facing another path that none of us can plan for. I'm thinking and praying for all of the families involved.

I don't see where it matters

I don't see where it matters if they had been drinking or not. It's a tragedy. Their friends and families are suffereing. Unless one of them was drunk and set the fire themselves (which I'm SURE is not the case), I think people should back off with the alcohol comments. May God Bless and bring comfort and peace to their loved ones and to the residents of OIB as they recover from such a tragic accident.

May the Lord have mercy and give the families comfort

I just moved from Holden Beach in the Spring, and I miss it. The Brunswick area is a beautiful area. I visited may times to OIB, walking on the sand, and viewing the area. The Lord comfort the families.

I have no doubts that

I have no doubts that alcohol was involved in this incident...we are talking about college kids at a beachhouse after a football game. But that doesn't take away the tragedy that has occured. Nobody really knows what someone is going thru when they lose a member of their family unexpectantly


I am appauled that there is comments on these children drinking. I'm not saying they were not BUT, people lighten up..give the correct people the time to investigate. I, by the looks and backround of these kids feel that they may not have been drinking, they seem to really have had their lives in order. I much would rather see some comments about maybe the electric malfunctioned or something of that nature that could also be true. Don't jump to conclusions becuase all college students don't drink. My heart goes out to everyone involved. Sincerely, Robin Moody


I agree with Rob that it is better to wait and see. However the fire started, there were smoke alarms in the house. As we all know these alarms go off at the very smallest amount of smoke or heat and would wake anyone up under normal circumstances. If that is the case all of the kids would have been able to get out. Problem with that is, if the kids were sleeping heavily due to being intoxicated the night before they may not have been awakened by the alarm and all the other kids screaming. I think they will find that most if not all of the deceased were overcome by smoke before they even knew there was a fire. I hope this reminds people to purchase rope fire ladders for escaping second/third floor windows as well and make sure everyone knows where they are when they sleep there. Very, sad. I am sorry for the families.

house fire

Was just wondering bout the condition of the students. I believe I read they had been partying all day and maybe alcohol or drugs were used and maybe they had just passed out Anyway it is a horrible thing to happen

Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol do not cause fires and only sympathy is appropiate here.

Nobody will remember this

Nobody will remember this story in 3 weeks. Everyone go back to their normal lives.

I can't believe you would say that

I can't believe that you would think that no one would remember this story in 3 weeks! This is the most heartless comment that I have heard about this tragedy! I went to school with one of the girls! She was a wonderful person and my heart goes out to her sister, her family, my friends who are suffering, and their families. How can you all conclude that alcohol was the main cause? although they may have been drinking, that is the last thing that we all should be thinking about. we have no idea about what went on. the victims could have been trapped, the fire could have risen too quickly for the 7 students to get out and there are many other factors that may have been involved. In the meantime, lets stop talking about what doesn't matter and show support to the grieving families. May God Bless the lives lost and those who are suffering. May you feel peace and comfort in the rough days ahead!


They were not passed out from being drunk or using drugs. All the partying quit after the USC game was over. They simply just were asleep and did not hear it.

Ocean Isle Fire

A terrible tragedy that will devastate seven families. The grief they must feel is unimaginable. All of us parents shudder at the thought of what happened because we know it easily could have been our child. I am reluctant to say it, but I fear alcohol played some part in this. So many college students have been persuaded by the alcohol industry that a social occasion with their peers has to be fueled with alcohol to make it "fun" for all. I suspect that heavy drinking occurred the night before, dimming the victims' alertness. A terrible thought, but probably true.

Prayers to the Family and

Prayers to the Family and friends,this is terrible.