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90-acre plot to become new park

WILMINGTON -- A nearly 90-acre plot of land adjacent to I-40 and North College Road in Wilmington will become one of the largest parks in New Hanover County. It will be called Olsen Park, named after Peggy Olsen who sold 63 acres of the land to the city. The other 25 will come from the county. Construction of the park will be done in two phases. The first will build five baseball and softball fields. The second phase will include several multi-purpose fields, tennis courts and hiking trails. Olsen said, "It's the best and highest use of the piece of property and it will be for everyone!" Construction of the new park will begin in the fall of 2008.

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Horse arena

Part of the park should be devoted to the sport of horse riding. We need a larger arena for horse shows and the surrounding area to support horse trailers. Bathroom facilities should also be considered within the horse area. This is a great sport and we need more imput from horse people. We should be able to be part of a park activity just as other sports. Please put this out for discussion. Thanks.


Five baseball areas does sound a bit much. seems there are plenty around town. I think a bigger horse arena for more horse shows would be nice. The one at Hugh mcrae is getting to small for the turnout it always attracts. I hope they are at least planning on a unique play area for children and not just the walking trails and ball fields. Oh well, what can we say? At least it won't be another housing developement or apartments.

Da Park

Why does every park have to be infested with baseball fields? They are the height of ugliness. I never see anyone using them.

Ball Parks

Not sure what Baseball park you never see used, but remember baseball is a summer time sport. Would you say the same about the football fields? They are only used for about 3 months a year. Now if you ever played adult softball in New Hanover County you would know there is only two full time fields and a couple more rented from the local school system. I hope all of these are really adult softball fields. I cannot longer play because of knee problems, but I would love to see a place you could go and watch a few games without traveling all over town.