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90 NC hospitals ban smoking

WILMINGTON -- Smoking kills nearly 12,000 adults in North Carolina each year. Local hospitals are doing their part to help keep people healthy by going tobacco-free starting Thursday. Tobacco use is banned everywhere on the campuses of New Hanover Regional Medical Center, Cape Fear, Pender Memorial and Dosher Memorial Hospitals -- as well as Columbus Regional Healthcare System. They are among more than 90 hospitals in North Carolina to ban tobacco products. Some visitors at New Hanover Regional say they're relieved to see the hospitals take this step. Hospital visitor Brenda Register said, "I don't smoke. My husband does. So, you know, he respects people who don't smoke, he respects the places that do not have smoking in them. So I just feel like it's a good thing because you never know who's standing beside you that can't tolerate the smoke." In the past six months more than 600 employees, spouses and volunteers at New Hanover Regional Medical Center have quit smoking.

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This is all a control

This is all a control thing.For one how are you going to tell adults they cant smoke.The last time I looked it was not against the law.Yes I also understand it not being at any of the entrance doors,but just not to let any one smoke at all BULL....Just being at the hospital is stressful enough but to say you can not even go to your car,thats wrong.The ones that make these rules do not smoke nor do they do any kind of patient care in the hospital.If they would think for one minute about the employees,and about the ones that smoke well that 15 minute smoke break calms the nerves if you are having a bad day or night at work.And believe me you have more bad days than you do good working in the medical field.So they need to take this whole NO smoking policy and stick it.And I dont even smoke any more but I know what people that do smoke feel like.

I think the ban on smoking

I think the ban on smoking on the property at the hospital is overkill. There is still 20 to 25 percent of the population that smoke and in an often stressful situation there should be an area people can smoke. I would agree with the area not being close to the entrance or exit out of respect for those who dont smoke but have a little respect for those of us who do and not force us to break the rules. Smokers understand, and from what i see day to day, respect others in there daily lives all i ask is for the same. thank you

Just a bit of over-kill

I agree they shouldn't ban smoking on hospital property. I can understand inside the hospital, but not everywhere on the property. I don't smoke and can't stand it, but I also realize that some people do smoke and may need a cigarette, especially for some of the reason being at a hospital.