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911 caller unhappy with EMT response

WILMINGTON -- Police in Wilmington are looking for the gunman in a shooting death late Sunday night. It happened in the Nesbitt Court development off S. Second Street. Twenty-one-year-old Dywaune Simpson was gunned down. His shooter is still at large. A neighbor says she called 911. She feels more could have been done to save his life. "I feel like the law enforcement and the EMTs -- I don't think that they did their job. The 911 operator wasn't concerned with what I was telling her, that I was certified in CPR and she wasn't listening to me. She wanted to know what was going on in the background." Police say the response was appropriate, but they welcome the witness to come forward with a specific complaint. Meanwhile the search for the suspect continues. If you have any information that will help police in their investigation call them at 343-3600.

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Local 911

It seems 911 call takers have been getting tremendous amount heat this week some justified, some not. Everyone needs to ease off the New Hanover County call takers involved in the shooting because it seems they did everything correctly allowing emergency personnel to react swiftly, safely, and flawlessly. With that being said, the lady who is heard taking the now infamous 911 call involving with the OIB fire has some serious issues. It seems she only has a loose grasp on the English language making her very hard to understand and perhaps if she had spent less time trying to lecture the gentleman calling and more time listening she could have gotten the call out more efficiently.

Fire response time

The Fire Dept arrived on scene in about 7 minutes. That is excellent time. And if the dispatcher caused the FD to get there in 7 min instead of 6, it wouldn't have made a difference. You can't blame the 911 operator

Dispatchers dont always know where you are

Carol, you have made comments on 2 different stories about 911 dispatchers knowing where you are if you call from a landline or cellphone. Get your facts straight. 911 calls come in after being routed to another location to verify address, this is computerized,computers fail. Cell phones hit the closest cell tower and even with all this new technology, we cannot pinpoint your EXACT location. So do yourself a favor. If a dispatcher asks your location give it to them. You are wasting precious moments by arguing that the dispatcher knows where you are. Also if it seems 911 personel are not answering, let it ring! They will answer. You will get help faster by letting it ring than by hanging up and starting over. It takes a few seconds to route to the local 911 center, and remember, when you are in an emergency situation, 3 rings may feel like 20. If you need to call 911 remember to remain calm, answer the questions that are asked to the best of your ability and help will arrive as quickly as possible. 911 centers nationwide are understaffed, the Dispatchers underpaid, and they continue to work a thankless job 24/7 365. Next time you meet a 911 Dispatcher, say Thanks for the job you do, instead of thinking of the mistakes that are few and far between.

Dispatchers Prayer

Dear Lord, help me keep safe those who depend on me. Give me healthy ears, for they are my link with those who need me. Keep my mind sharp and alert, my fingers quick and nimble. Grant that I never forget how to do ten things at once, and do them all equally well. Bless me with patience Lord. Patience to deal with the public, with the officers, with the firefighters, and with everyone else who makes me want to grit my teeth and yell. Give me nerves of steel; That I may listen to a mother screaming for her child to live, the man with a gun, the family watching their home go up in flames, or a request for backup or more equipment and not give way to panic. Grant me empathy, that I may help the caller in need, and not cause them more pain than they already have. God, give me the ability to learn what I need, to remember it quickly, and give me the wisdom to use the knowledge properly. Bless my family Lord, for they will have to make sacrifices to shift work, overtime, canceled plans and times when I just can't take on one more thing. Help them understand the missed ball games, school programs and dinners for two. Lord, give me courage. Courage to persevere when I feel undervalued, unappreciated, overworked and unrecognized. Courage to keep trying when I feel in my heart it's hopeless. Last of all Lord, help me to never forget why I chose this job in the first place, to never lose sight of what is important in the midst of the stress. Help me to remember that I make a difference; however small it may seem some days, and that I matter. I am a dispatcher, Lord, grant me peace.


I often take a few minutes to read comments posted on this site daily in response to various stories. I relocated back to this area after living in Durham for seven years and I must say the racial tone of the comments posted on this site is unbelievable. It seems as though the violence against teenagers and young adults in this area can be justified by the way you live or your neighborhood. How in the world did this story lead to such a tone of racism? Why are folks being referred to as "hoods" and "animals"? What kind of people are you? If anyone is a danger to society, it would be those that post such comments. I'm willing to bet that you're the same person that's very active in your church, but yet you know nothing about the love of God. A love that doesn't see race. Whether that young man was a drug dealer, employed, unemployed, lived a life on the street or whatever; he was still someone's child and he didn't deserve to lose his life so violently. As a parent, I wouldn't wish for anyone to hear of their child being gunned down in the street. Just as we are mourning the death of the seven students killed in the beach house fire, the same compassion should be given to the young man gunned down in the street. They were all human lives. Yes, the students seemed to be on the right track and perhaps come from decent families, but that didn't make their lives any more important than the young man in the projects. The assumption could be made that the students spent their time partying with drugs and alcohol over the weekend. It doesn't mean that their tragedy should be viewed differently. My heart aches for their families the same as the young man gunned down in the street. My feelings come from being human and having love and concern for others. Please let the racism go. It is not pleasing in the sight of God.

Wake up call! It IS about the way you live...

...but it's NOT about race. There's an old adage that is so appropriate for almost all of the recent killings in this town - "Fly with the crows, get shot with the crows." When you're a drug dealer and a competitor decides to put you out of business with a .38 snubnose, no sympathy. You led the life, you face the occupational hazards. Ditto with these idiot gang-bangers. If you're so stupid as to be willing to fight some guy because he won't join your gang, or because he's from a different gang and dared to walk on YOUR street, no sympathy when one or both of you wind up face down in the gutter. Life is all about choices, and if you make stupid choices, whether it's smoking, becoming an immense fat pig, or becoming a criminal hoodlum, you have no one to blame for a shortened life but yourself.


You really aren't worth answering, because your views are one-sided and distorted; however, I would like to elaborate. You Wrote: Life is all about choices, and if you make stupid choices, whether it's smoking, becoming an immense fat pig, or becoming a criminal hoodlum, you have no one to blame for a shortened life but yourself. In essence what you are saying is that stupid choices can end your life and you nobody should care, because you made the choice and whatever happens is your fault. What if it were determined that the kids whom lost their lives in the beach house fire were all drunk and/or high from drugs, which subsequently impaired their ability to escape the burning home or secure the home from fire hazards before going to sleep. What if it was determined that the use of drug paraphernalia caused the blaze. Does that mean the kids deserved what they got because of the choices they made and therefore shouldn't receive any sympathy. I'm using this as a hypothetical example, but the situation is the same. Stop looking at situations and outcomes based on race. In all instances human lives were lost. One instance by accident and the other by violence, but the fact remains that young lives are gone..never to return. In closing, here's a wake up call for you. There are drugs in Landfall just like there are drugs in Creekwood. The only difference is you don't find folks on the streets selling them in the open. The drug dealers make their deliveries at the front door. A resolution to the problems drugs cause will be a victory for folks of all races. Regardless, it still doesn't place the value on someone's life.

Outcomes based upon race?

How is he looking at race? He specifically stated that the issue of criminals meeting a premature, violent death is not one of race. There are White criminal and Black criminals. I think his point is that when a criminal, White or Black, meets his demise, why WOULD anyone care? Another drain on society has been eliminated. As a mater of fact, gang violence provides a service that our criminal justice system is failing in - removing dangerous criminals from the street. A pine box is just as good as an 8x10 cell; actually better, from a taxpayer's point of view.

911 operator

I am so sick and tierd of these peoples excuses. I know if I can't do my job I will be fired. That 911 operator sounded like she had about a half a brain cell. If you call 911 from a phone or a cell phone they know where its coming from. Please take responsibility of your own actions.

911 operator-dispatcher

as a 911 operator-dispactcher when the public calls 911 the first thing they should know is where they are---second what is their emergency---listen to the operator --answer questions to the best of their ability ---dont argue with the operator----our job is getting you the neccessary emergency help you are asking for---if you are an nycpd 911 operator cpr is what is taught----from the start----


THANK YOU for pointing this out to an insensitive public! Your remarks are dead-on-center. The FIRST THING anyone who calles 911 in this county hears "New Hanover County 911, what is the location of your emergency?" Why? Because if something happens and we get disconnected, we at least know where to send LEO's, firefighters, and EMS personnel. Second, I just have to respond to the commenter that posted ridiculous statements about the 911 dispatcher being more concerned about what was going on in the background during the phone call. When something happens, ESPECIALLY something as volatile as a subject with a gun, we get NUMEROUS calls on 911 about it. Our screens show us if someone else is also speaking with someone about the same problem at the same address. It also shows us if another calltaker is gathering information about the patient's condition. If they are, it only makes sense - not to mention that it is our policy - to attempt to get updates about what is happening on scene until officers arrive. Would YOU want to be the officer walking into a situation without crucial knowledge like "Oh, he just pulled a gun on his wife and aimed it!"??

To bad

It's to bad that there are some people out there who hate LEO's and EMS so much they would want them to go into harms way uninformed. I'm glad 911 gets all the information it can, thats how they can know who and what equipment to send into an area. As for being sent into the projects I can see why they would want and need to know. It's not because they don't want to help but there are people who will attack EMS and steal the drugs they have on board. For them it's like going into a battle zone and they need police protection. I fully realize not everyone who lives in public housing is a low life criminal but they are there like every place else but more so. I hope they catch the shooter and fast.

You just don't get it....

Carol and the rest of you monday morning quartbacks, get over your high and mighty selves. You don't know what your talking about or even worse whom you are defending. First, everybody that responded did a fine job given the situation. Second, I'm not sure why we wasted our time,or your "breath"(CPR Queen) on a guy that had been arrested 40 + times in 5 years for numerous violent crimes. Live by the gun, die by the gun. Grow up lady. Like someone said before, if you want to see what the real Heros do everyday come do a ride-a-long, or sit-a-long with the dispatchers and then maybe you will be able to shut that pie hole.

You people that are so

You people that are so freely stating your opinions of how well the 911 dispatchers do their job, why don't you take a day out of your schedule and go sit with them,in their seats. None of you know how you would react or handle things when someone's world is falling apart around them. I have a personal friend who is a 911 dispatcher and I know for a fact how that person cares about people that she doesn't even know and how it bothers her when she leaves her job and still has to come home and maintain a family life while still thinking about what she went through or heard that day. I too, did not know all about a dispatchers job, but by knowing my friend I certainly have gained a better understanding and appreciate them even more now. All emergency personnel should be commended for the jobs they do. I know first hand how many plans have to be cancelled or changed due to the schedule dispatchers have to work and the overtime. People, they are a 24/7 365 day a year operation. While we are home on the weekends and holidays enjoying our family, they are working, away from their family while protecting ours. Instead of trying to tear them apart, why don't you do like the other post says and take them something by the call center or send a card just to tell them they are appreciated. Think about it, WOULD YOU OR COULD YOU DO THEIR JOBS!!!!!!

911 operator

Carol, Your assumption that a 911 operator knows where a cell phone call comes from is just plain dumb. Cell phone will direct a call to a cell phone tower. That tower forwards it to the 911 call center nearest the tower. When the call arrives at the 911 center, it shows the tower address. Now, if you are going to comment on the hardworking people at 911, ems, law enforcement or firefighters do yourself and the rest of us who have to read your crap a favor and get informed. If you really want to do something join a resuce squad, volunteer time at a 911 center or just don't post until you know the facts. Another thing. Our emergency service people in NH and BC have had a very, very bad week. They have delt with the kind of horror that the rest of us only watch on tv. Take a minute and do something nice for them. Take some food or flowers up to your local police department, fire department or 911 call center and tell them that you appreciate what they do for their community. God bless those who run in, when everyone else is running out.

Colleen, cellular calls to 911....

....display both the tower address (required by Phase I of the E911 program) and the X/Y coordinates of the phone itself (required by Phase II). Phase II is up and fully operational in both New Hanover and Brunswick Counties, though in Brunswick the operator at the PSAP must refresh the screen (re-bid) to get the X and Y coordinates. (If my memory serves me correctly, there are also two or three consoles in New Hanover that require a re-bid, the remainder flashing the X and Y coordinates immediately upon pick-up) Once the PSAP has the coordinates of the phone, it's entirely up to the county to use that information to locate the caller.

Your wrong Engineer....

For the most part it still shows the tower address in NHC. I know because I recieve these calls. If it shows an actuall address from a cell phone it gives the address based on the xy , but if they are in a car for instance it only shows the initial location. In other words, Dispatchers are not mind readers and people(victims) need to understand that.


Engineer, There are several spots in Brunswick county that show a tower address. Also, if you are on the address. Also, for the sake of getting the job done know where you are. It saves time, lives and the misery that is being caused by people blaming a 911 operator and anyone who feels that service was not quick enough.

What is up with people

What is up with people always using the default argument "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." (?) That does not excuse anyone's behavior. It is a way to try to get people to think that no one it perfect, so these criminals should be treated the same as everyone else. If you break the law, you face the consquences. Period. Moot point!

Not 911's fault

The 911 operator needed the background information. She needs to know what is going on around the area so she can tell LEO and EMS. EMS will not go into a hostile environment, they aren't paid to. LEO will, but they need information before just jumping into the fire.

Everyone could have done more

Who ever it was that called 911 did a a good job by attempting to get this young man some help, so good job to you but f you felt CPR was necessary you should have done it and the dispatcher should have been concerned about what you was telling her and not so much about the noise in the background because the noise was not leaving but this 21 year old young man was. And for the ones talking about this "hood life" you probaly in landfall somewhere living large and looking down on us "hood" people but like someone else commented you dont know what this young man was doing he could have been coming from work or anything for all you know it could have been the wrong person so dont comment on the "hood life" get up and help the hood life get better........

um, CPR in most GSW cases is

um, CPR in most GSW cases is not only unnecessary it would make a grave situation so much worse, CPR for a GSW depending on where the bullet is would very likely push the bullet in further causing more damage than doing any good. I'm a paramedic and i think that it's great that she has taken the time to become CPR certified and I encourage everyone to become CPR certified but I beg you in a GSW situation please refrain from performing CPR just try applying pressure on the wound, but not CPR you'll do more harm than good.

help the hood life

You can't help something that doesn't want to help itself.

Here lies the whole problem

Here lies the whole problem "dont comment on the hood life get up and help the hood life get better". This very attitude is why "hood" life is the way it is, people need to help themselves and stop waiting for others to help. Do we not have any personal responsibility anymore.

Dont blame emts

they get dispatched and do every thing they can but their is only so much you can do in pre hospital care for a gun shot


shooting in Nesbitt Ct....shocker.

New Hanover 911

Perhaps the reason the 911 operator did not "jump" on your "cpr" training is because if that person has a masive chest wound, internal bleeding or a multitude of other problems CPR could be the thing that finishes them off. Please remember that 911 operators are dispatchers, not medics, doctors, emts or paramedics. The term dispatcher means extacly that...DISPATCH THE CORRECT PERSONAL TO COVER THE SITUATION.

911 Caller

How ignorant can this caller be? CPR doesn't help a fatal gunshot wound.

Her credibility might be enhanced....

...if she had been willing to appear on camera or give her name to police.... ....but she "doesn't want to be identified." Guess that paper floating around might catch up sooner if they know your name, huh? BTW, what was so important about TELLING the 911 Operator that you are certified in CPR? Why didn't you simply DO IT? Did you need her approval or praise? Shame on WWAY for publishing this non-story.

News? Ha!

I guess this story made it in because there was no weekly sewage spill to report and they needed to fill the space?