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16-year-old marries her coach, family speaks out

READ MORE: 16-year-old marries coach, family speaks out
BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- The mother of a Brunswick County 16-year-old who married her High School Coach is speaking out. Betty Hager says she tried to stop the relationship between her daughter and a 40-year-old teacher at South Brunswick High School, including contacting local law enforcement and the school. (View the full interview here) Hager has a paper trail documenting all the conversations she's had with different agencies in Brunswick County. She says it somehow wasn't enough, to stop her daughter, Windy, from marrying a teacher more than twice her age. "Police, Sheriff's office, the principal, the Sheriff's department, friends, family," Hager said. "Nobody could reach her and he would not stay away from my child." It's been a long and frustrating road for the Hagers. It all started the summer after Windy's freshman year, when she was just 14 years old. That's when Windy joined the track team, and her coach took a special interest in her. "She's always been fiercely protective of family and friends," Hager said. "Once she met him her large circle of people she protected went smaller and smaller. Anyone that tried to keep her from the one person that was her focus was the enemy." Fast forward two years. Windy's parents say the time, and their protest had done little to stop the love affair between their daughter and Brenton Scott Wuchae. "The more we tried to save her," Betty Hager said. "The more we became the enemy and there becomes a time when you have to say, I can't save you from yourself." On Monday, they finally gave in, signing a document allowing Windy to marry Wuchae. He resigned from his position with the school system on the same day as the wedding. "We love our baby. We never wanted this for her. She could have had anything she wanted. the world was her oyster. She was capable of anything. she gave it all up," Hager said. School officials say they were aware of the relationship, but could not prove that anything inappropriate was going on. In a statement released to the press after a closed door meeting with the school board today, Superintendent Katie McGee said, "I am shocked and disheartened by what transpired." Windy's parents say their daughter moved out yesterday after the wedding. They say they're still hopeful she'll return.

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if anything the girl can make her own decision but this is the wrong one and i think she knows she just wants to be grown so let her goo off and make her own mistakes so she can learn

Who's to judge?

Who can judge their marriage? People aren't cookie cutter copies of each other. Some people know they want to be married at an early age, some people marry late, so what? My husband and I never had a premarital sexual relationship, like is so pushed on high schoolers nowadays, and our marriage is still going strong almost 16 years and several kids later. We are both professionals and make good money. By the way, he's 20 years older than me, and I'm still very much attracted to him. I was a teen when we were engaged. We didn't "date," before we married. Why? Because we wanted to save ourselves for marriage. Why is it people ignore or even encourage premarital sex between teens at school, but think Windy's marriage to her coach is wrong? Does an early marriage doom a bride to failure in life? How so? Colleges are now populated by people of all ages. Second career anyone? Lots of people meet a bump in the road in their career or are "downsized," and find themselves going back to school. Many more go back to school simply because they want to go a different direction. None of us can predict the future, what our goals will be later in life. I haven't heard of any laws saying now that Windy is a married teen she can't go back to school. I imagine years down the road, they'll be laughing together how their marriage attracted so much attention, though they just wanted to be married like any other engaged couple. I think Windy's got poise and guts to do what she did; I can't say that for her critics.


I knew her here in LINCOLN county also. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS WOULD I HAVE THOUGHT SHE WOULD HAVE MADE SUCH A DECISION. I wish they would have stayed here also. She was a great kid who seemed to have her head on straight. My 11 year old really looked up to her when they lived here. Even HE was disappointed in her actions. He just shook his head. I hope the best for Windy and her family.

You all need to leave them

You all need to leave them alone people are so small minded!! Have you stopped to think that they have feelings and they might really love each other i believe that they will last!! because i know they love each other!!!


please stop this nonsense..windy is a child and do not even now what love is besides what that 40 yr old man whispering to her since she was 14 yrs's not appropriate to have a man (more than 2x her age) to have a sexual relationship with a child..he's using her to get his jollies every night..I'm sure there's men out there see pretty teenage girls with their maturing bodies but that stops right there..they won't even think of going beyond that since they know it's just plain wrong and those who went beyond that and sees them as "women" because of the physical assets and are there just for that...there ought to be a law against teacher - student relationship..period!