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A different way to vote

There is a voting option in North Carolina to keep in mind when heading to the polls. You have the option of voting for a straight party ticket but that does not include your vote for President. Even if you vote for all Republicans or all Democrats, John McCain or Barack Obama won't get your vote unless you specifically check the box for them. New Hanover County Board of Elections Director, Bonnie Williams, wants to remind voters to read the voting instructions carefully. "There's a lot of misunderstanding that if I just make my selection for straight party, it's automatically going to include that same choice for the candidate belonging to that party for the office for President." If you vote a straight party ticket, judges are non-partisan offices, so you'll have to individually vote for them as well.

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When going to the polls, bring your ID, although they won't ask for it & make sure the hard working attendants have your name spelled correctly or they'll tell you that you are not registered to vote!

Question for Joe Sixpacks

Have you ever spent $150,000 on a clothes shopping spree?

Has Joe ever run for Vice President?

Stop being so naive. Odds say that Joe never vacationed at a $4 million home on a private beach in Hawaii like Obama did, either.


Common, he had to. It was the only place they could have the security tight enough. I am not gonna mention McCains 7 (or more) houses that his Barbie wife bought.

Class envy, Zippy!

Some day, you may own seven houses. Oh wait, not if Obama takes away what he feels you don't "need," you won't. We have to spread YOUR wealth around...remember? As far as "the only place they could have the security tight enough," bull! Ever try to get near Figure Eight island when VP Gore was visiting? How about one of the cabins out on Onslow Beach? While it's true that right now, he doesn't rate staying at an Onslow Beach cabin, we could have made an exception. He could have stayed at the Guest House at Kaneohe bay even without being the Commander-in-Chief... ...but that would be too common-place for our new messiah.... It's truly amazing that you think he gives one iota more about you than John McCain does.