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A local family makes the digital switch

READ MORE: A local family makes the digital switch
As TV stations were busy making the digital switch at noon today, some local families were glued to their televisions, waiting to see what would happen. William and Jean Finnegan bought their converter box about two months ago, and have been impressed with the digital technology ever since. William Finnegan stated, "I only got four channels, now with the converter box, I get 11 channels crystal clear." At first, William was concerned about hooking it up, but that quickly changed. "Forget reading the instructions, take it out of the box and there's only one place to put the box and the antenna and there's nothing else to think about," said Mr. Finnegan. For people that use an antenna, but didn't buy or hook up a converter box properly, they're probably seeing a message stating the proper equipment needed for the signal. Not too worry, when the converter box is correctly hooked up, the picture should be clear.

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Digital / Anolog

WHAT IS THE REAL PURPOSE of the change to digital except for costing American people more money in already bad econamical times. I read a few comments and I too get the freezes and the little blocks of pixels that ruin a great show. WHAT REALLY WAS THE NEED? I personally do not see why there was a need to be forced to make the changes. Please don't tell me because it looks better! The anolog reception has been fine, and for being TV why would we need? WHO dictacted this into LAw, what about freedoms. now we are free to buy spend more money get a digital TV, By a digital convertor, The Goverment should of been more concerened on other things like the economay, forecloseures, jobs, ect . not TV and how clear a picture is.. The homeless going to be watching their TV from a street corner in a cardboard box while some digital TV company that makes boxes get fat pockets, probably in line for a bail out and getting a parachute retirement. VERY DISAPOINTED IN THE GOVERMENT Thanks Michael

Digital TV

I check the news on the internet when I'm at work during my break otherwise at home I watch NO TV, no antennea, no converter box, cable, satellite. I check out movies from the library, read, work 2 jobs, involved in activities. In the last 6 months since I turned off the TV & turned on my life it's been so much better. If everyone turned off their TVs, cancelled cable everything just think what we could accomplish. Besides TV will be obsolete in the near future anyways. Everyone will have internet & will watch what they want when they want.

I'm one of the unhappy ones

Now with the switch I only get Fox and PBS. At least before I could get ABC and NBC even if the reception was fuzzy.

digital switch

That is great for that family. I bought my converter box a couple of months ago also. Sometimes I can get stations and sometimes not. The only one I get regularly is WWAY both 3.1 and 3.2. The only problems is the picture cracks and freezes every couple of minutes...often at the key moment. I was hoping the big switch day would fix things. It hasn't. I never had any problems before. It has been great getting more UNCW stations...when I can and I am careful not to get too interested in them. One day I actually got 10 stations for a very short time. When the picture is there, it is much clearer...but most of the time it isn't there. What the problem is? I don't know. Who I can talk with? I don't know.

It sound like you need to

It sound like you need to adjust your antenna or purchase a new one (preferably an outside roof-mounted one). Without more specifics about where you live, house or apartment, type of antenna you have now, etc., that's my best suggestion.

not great for all

I am glad for those who the switch has affected in a good way, but for those of us who rent and can't add large outdoor antennas, the switch isn't so great. I have lost CBS and the only way I can get it again is to get cable. I can't say I'm thrilled with that idea with the cost of everything rising, and my salary staying the same. It seems like cable and satellite companies are the real winners in this deal.