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ABC privatization fought by local boards


RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- The local government panels that operate North Carolina's 400-plus liquor stores are trying to head off potential efforts by the Legislature or Gov. Bev Perdue to privatize alcohol sales.

The lobbyist for the North Carolina Association of Alcoholic Beverage Control Boards wrote lawmakers last week urging them to oppose any privatization efforts. The letter says the current system controls liquor consumption while generating lots of government revenue. The association released the letter Monday.

The state ABC Commission is supposed to get estimates soon from a consultant about how much money the state could get if retail sales or distribution systems were handed to outsiders. Perdue said last week she wants that information before deciding whether to pursue it.

The Legislature would have to agree to changes.

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ABC is nothing more than

a RACKET, NO free Market, involved...
The ABC System itself, is no better than Al Capone during proabition>sp<, It's basicly a "State Sponsered" Legalized mafia..

"Controls liquor consumption?"

That's a blatant lie, unless it's based upon the argument that the existing structure makes liquor so expensive that poor people can't afford to drink.....and we KNOW that's not the case!

The state has an opportunity to make a ton of money by doing away with the ABC system and opening operations up to private enterprise, who will have to pay to be licensed.

As we saw last year right here in New Hanover County, the local ABC board can't even control their spending, let alone consumption.

Get rid of the ABC system and license liquor sales. Join the 21st Century.

Poor people drinking

Poor people can afford to drink. We may have to look in the couch cushions, but it will get done.

Lies, propaganda, and protectionism

These guys are just trying to save their cushy appointments.

There is no reason for gov't to be in the retail biz.

Fine, have a state liquor authority or whatever, but liquor stores should be just like grocery stores or gift shops or any other retailer. Let private enterprise thrive! Let small biz thrive!

Stop funneling money to board members in every county. That's the number of board members times 100 who don't do anything. They aren't clerks, they don't sweep up at the end of the day, they don't order the stock, stock the shelves, or control inventory. They are just paid members of a pretend board.

Ignorant, backward, patronage.

Did I mention ignorant?

How about backward.

This money should be going to state tax coffers not the pockets of umphundreds of board members! Look at any state that lets liquor be retail. You don’t need a committee to study it. It’s a store: stock it, sell the product, send the taxes to the state, make a profit--without gov't interference.

Get your filthy gov’t hands off the liquor stores!

What else would you expect

from a group that might lose their positions. But the fact is the State would save millions and still recieve tax revenue and more. This would also open the door to free enterprise, jobs and competition, which can save the consumer. The ABC thinks they are the only responsible sellers and the rest of us are not and can't run a business. Bev, shut it down, it's good old boys that are agianst it.

I think that West Virginia

I think that West Virginia recently privatized its Alcohol sales system with GREAT success... All we have to do is be very careful as to how we allow the politicians to spend the proceeds...

Private enterprise is always superior to government management.

BTW, WWAY, I've said it before.... Having to watch a commercial to validate a post is BS and I don't mean Barbra Streisand. C'mon, you can do better than forcing me to see a preview of the Little F*ckers.