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"About four" Wave Transit drivers suspended without pay

A handful of Wave Transit bus drivers have been suspended for using their cell phones while behind the wheel. The general manager of Wave Transit Operations would not confirm exactly how many were suspended, nor would he release their names. Wave Transit would only say “about four” drivers have been suspended without pay for 10 days. The majority were suspended for a second offense. Until they are back on duty, part-timers will pick up the routes. Wave Transit said riders will not be affected by the suspensions.

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its not that we are taking over the road, we take up all the space to avoid an accident. but then we have drivers behind that are in such a hurry and come around that bus not knowing what's going on in front on us. especially down market st. and most ter accident out there ame not because of the bus remember that. there are also drivers out there with a license that don't really need to have one but u do anyways. but who are we to say anything about. but u are all entitled to your opinion. but until you your self work for the wave you will never know. its not an easy task to under pressure. especially when they are out to get you. yes there is a new management but its still the same people that work for first transit except for general manager terry thompson. now i understand the frustration you al have with the change of the route. but there is nothing as a driver that we can do. cause as drivers and passengers we are frustrated with the change also but we do what we can. so please let me be the first to te

It doesn't really make sense

It doesn't really make sense with all of the hands free devices there are available today. It would be distracting enough that they are still carrying on a running conversation but at least they could have both hands on the wheel.

The school bus drivers in

The school bus drivers in Brunswick County do this all the time. I have seen it many times.

new hanover bus drivers do

new hanover bus drivers do it TOOO!!!!!!!!!1


Most of the Wave drivers I have encountered have driven like they own the roads. It's about time they are taught some responsibility! They are not riding around in their own personal car, they are public transportation, which means they should have high standards for their performance.


The majority were suspended for a second offense. I've often wondered why it was so hard to navigate around the city buses in traffic... now I know why.

Re: Don't ride the Wave

Now if only they can be suspended for driving recklessly, slowing traffic and being a major inconvenience to society. As long as we're at it, we might as well just shut the WAVE down since it's so poorly managed.

shut down Wave?

you re stupid. you must not ride the buses. You are trying to put everyone in the same boat. I ride the bus everyday and yes they are some drivers that are rude and drive a little fast. But the majority of drivers are nice and courteous. They have kids and families too. They need to work. I think the new management will weed out the drivers that need to go. There are other bus drivers that need jobs and I think the management will make the company better. Just give him a chance like you're giving Obama a chance.

Re: Don't ride the Wave

Well first of all I'm not stupid, but I do recognize a huge money pit when I see one. Public transportation does not work in Wilmington for a variety of reasons. 1) Poor management (it's not an old issue,) 2) Poor route system, 3) Not enough riders to make a profit etc etc etc. I know that there are good people that ride to work every day and they are suffering because of the Wave's incompetence. To correct you on another point, people shouldn't have jobs just because they have a family and need to work. They should have jobs because they deserve them - they should be able to perform the duties of their job without bringing harm to others.

dont blame wave transit for

dont blame wave transit for all of the problems. There are other in this wonderful city of wilmington that tells wave what to do. First Cape Fear Transit Authority, the city council pull the strings. There are too many people with their hands in the cookie jar. PTM<, the new company, only does what it is told. The real problems with the bus system here is politcal.

wave management

the comment about wave being mismanaged must be an old comment. why has the new management finally attacked this problem? Because it is a problem the old management didnt care about. I ride the buses every day and have seen drivers on the phone and have wanted to ask the driver a question and she told me to hold on. To me that was so rude. When my kids ride the bus, I want to know that that driver is 100% focused on driving. Wilmington holds the #1 spot for accidents and studies have shown that talking while driving increases those chances. I applaud the new management for finally addressing this matter. Now lets tackle the Rude drivers!!!


I agree 100 percent, there is absolutely no excuse for driving a city bus while talking on a cell phone period! Everyone who expresses his or her opinion on this subject also needs to look in the mirror. Do you talk on the phone while driving? If the answer is yes, then think before you EXPRESS your opinion. YOU ARE ALSO DRIVING IMPAIRED! That goes for the regular driver,the UPS driver,the truck driver,the policeman-woman,and the politician. By the way, I was not suspended. I know better. I am not an idiot.

your concers

look us as drivers we understand your concerns of the public. i drive the city bus for a living and everything is not being put out there. yes u all have a point no 1 is wrong when it comes 2 this subject. but the person that said that just because we have a family u dont need a job is wrong being that every 1 needs a job. not only for the families sake but just to take care of them selves to. but like i said before the whole truth is not being put out. yes people were suspended over cell phone but how about when a the company u work for starts to harass u in anyway they can just to find a reason to let u go. i bet it wasnt told that we are not aloud to take a break so we can grab something to eat. we are all human and we as drivers are being treated like animals or worse at the wave. some of us love our job with the wave but it seems that some of us have to watch what we do or say even when they tell u that u have gone under the radar. now with the situation of a bus taking over the road.


They should be fired. They have no concern for the safety of others. My UPS guy is on his cell phone every single time he comes to my house. He never puts it down. I have watched him almost drop my big boxes while trying to juggle his phone. He stays on it , gets back in the truck and takes off while still holding it to his ear. Every single time.

You should be fired! For

You should be fired! For being so mean and evil hard is times are right now how can you open the hole in your face and say something like that? How do you know it was not a sick child calling from school or something else importtant that is relevant to them? You people need to have some compassion, we are all guilty of it. shikj

we all dont drive a huge

we all dont drive a huge vehicle carrying precious cargo. Anyone whom transports people and children should be held to a higher standard. It is also an insurance thing too. If it is an emergency call, PULL OVER!!!!

Have You

told UPS?


I should though. I have 2 deliveries this week, maybe I will ask his name. If he can talk to me that is.

stop and think

You do not need his name. They can identify the driver ID from the parcel label number. Easy problem to fix. On the other hand, UPS has a pretty good safety record.