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About ready for a new laptop?

With school right around the corner, you may be looking for a new laptop for your high school or college student. "For the price-conscious shopper, the Toshiba laptops are very highly rated on the market right now. A little under-powered compared to some of the bigger guys like the Mac Books and even some of the higher-end HP’s and Dells, but for the student that just wants to get on the internet, be able to do their school work, be able to shop around, Toshiba has a great little laptop, it only runs about $329,” said Jesse Tew of Best Buy. The Toshiba Satellite is a bit bulkier than other laptops on the market. It weighs about five-and-a-half pounds and has a 160 gig hard drive. If you're looking for a slimmer laptop with a bigger hard drive and longer battery life, Tew says go with the HP Pavillion, which runs about $650. "It has a lot of power to it, basically be able to carry you through your college career, something that's going to be able to grow with you, and you still have all the extra abilities to be able to go on the internet, be able to do all your spreadsheets, your power point presentations and it won't slow down on you." Both the Toshiba and the HP have wi-fi capabilities and qualify for a free upgrade to the Windows 7 operating system coming to market in October. If you want to get a Mac, but don't want to break the bank, Tew says the Mac Book Pro is the way to go. It's just over a thousand bucks. "It gives you all the extra benefits that most people are going to want to grow with their laptops, photo editing, video editing, web design, pretty much it allows you to do pretty much most of the products that most people want to use a higher end laptop for,” Tew said. The Mac Book Pro weighs four-and-a-half pounds and has a 320 gig hard drive. Manny "Papa Geek" Lloyd of Geeks in a Flash says once you get your laptop, you should back up critical data like term papers on an external hard drive or on the online where you can access the data anywhere. "You tell it what data to back up,” Lloyd said. “Typically you want to back up the ‘my documents’ folder on a computer and that'll back up all the critical data that you need unless you have i-Pod music and photos and things of that nature, I would recommend that you keep those on an offsite storage as well if they're critical to you."

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Toshiba laptops

In the past thirteen years I've had five laptops: Two Compaqs, a Dell, a Panasonic Tough-book, and a Toshiba. When I was issued the Toshiba I naturally joked about their making cheap B&W TVs and microwave ovens, but that Toshiba was as good as the Compaqs. It was light-years ahead of the Dell in both performance and reliability. (The Dell HAD no reliability. The only thing worse than the keyboard problems was the all-too-frequent blue-screen of death.) My Panasonic Toughbook is the best laptop I have ever used. Way too big, way too heavy, way too expensive, but indestructable and with a battery that simply won't quit. Back to my point, don't hesitate to buy a Toshiba laptop. Mine never missed a beat.