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Access to University Landing closed off for residents in nearby apartment

READ MORE: Access to University Landing closed off for residents in nearby apartment
Some residents of a Wilmington apartment complex are not happy about losing easy access to a nearby shopping center. An opening in a fence that separates Campus Edge apartments and the University Landing Shopping Center was recently closed off. While people who walked from their apartments to the businesses are disappointed to lose the entrance, others are upset that people in wheelchairs now do not have an option. Keith Boyd is Willy's caregiver and is devoted to making sure Willy leads the best life he can. Finding Willy an apartment in the Campus Edge apartment complex was a big help. Thanks to a ramp built for him, Willy had enjoyed going to the University Landing Shopping Center through an opening in a fence, until recently, when it was blocked off on the shopping center side. "The second that we can find somewhere that he can live on his own for the first time in his life, not even a week later he's stuck back in the house," described Boyd. Boyd said just days after the ramp went up, the fence was closed off. Now the only way to get to the businesses is cutting through trees; impossible for Willy. "This was his only place that he'd be able to go and enjoy himself," added Boyd. Boyd said if it is security the businesses are worried about, Campus Edge has a camera focusing right on the fence. A spokesperson for the University Landing Commercial Association said they did not know that. Richard Collins of Home Owner Association Management Specialists would not go on camera, but issued a statement saying the fence was blocked to alleviate several problems that have arisen since more and more people have moved to the area. “Local resident use of the shopping center as an easy drop off point for retail grocery carts from surrounding shopping centers, indiscriminate trash disposal in the center and property damage has continued to increase. A substantial amount of these problems can be traced to individuals using this opening for easy access to surrounding residential units and the campus. When the fence opening was originally constructed, it was not construed to be a handicapped access point. The shopping center has more handicap access than was originally required.” At this time we understand there are no plans to re-open the spot in the fence.

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Are You Kidding?

What is this? How is it news? A fence was repaired. Deal with it. Oh wait - I'm sure they fixed the fence just to spite "Willy". WWAY does it again . . .

Are you an idiot?

There is a walkway that was blocked off. It was not a repair. Maybe you should be a little more educated on a situation before you make stupid comments about it. By the way WILLIE, is not the only one affected by the block off. I am sure you can walk, hop and jump over a ditch to get to the other side of that fence so of course you would have no heart for those that can not!