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Accident claims the life of one in Elizabethtown

A traffic accident in Elizabethtown has claimed the life of one person Wednesday. It happened in the 900 block of East Broad Street. A car attempting to make a left was hit and flipped by another vehicle trying to pass. The driver of the flipped car was pronounced dead on the scene. The other two passengers were airlifted to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. The victims names have not been released.

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Wow, I just stumbled across

Wow, I just stumbled across this thread on this site. I don't know anyone involved but my condolences on the loss of Eddie. From your posts, he sounds like a great guy. This Tom sounds like one of those vultures called insurance adjusters. I've had experience with those. They act as though the money they are paying out comes from their own personal wallet. Stand your ground and do not be intimidated by him. He is on here on a fishing expedition trying to elicit even the smallest tidbit of information to try and help his cause. They receive bonuses from the insurance companies for keeping claim amounts below a certain level. That is why they drag things out for so long. They know that the bills have to be paid and at that point assume you will be cash strapped and accept whatever pittance they offer. The question of whether or not seat belts were worn is superceded by the fact that his client's insured was at fault for causing the accident. If the insurance company does not come through, stand your ground and take it to trial. Why don't sharks eat insurance adjusters? Mutual respect.

Thank you

You are so right about how insurance people do. Already going through it. This was my son who died, and I'am still going through pure h*** because people and the survivors are blaming my son who cannot come back from the grave and defend himself, but you can rest assured, I will stand up for him until the day I die. He was only 25, and I cannot hug him again, touch him again, etc. I do have 25 years of wonderful memories although that no one can take away from me. Thank you for your kind words, and words of truth.

Brandon is out of jail.....

FYI Brandon got out of jail today

Edward Ballew

Well since we all know Brandon Merritt has been charged with this crime and many others(IT IS PUBLIC INFORMATION) I wonder who will really tell the truth????? Will it be the bio mom, julie, avery or maybe even brandon, maybe tj. Either way it sickens me to know that I know all the mcalls, use to work for them and not one of them has even spoken a word of sorrow towards my family. From what I understand, word of mouth, they are trying to blame this on Edward, whom is not even alive to defend himself. I think they all, all involved with this wreck needs to get a drug test.... today... I bet you not one of them or their friends are clean,, but guess what ,,, EDWARD WAS COMPLATELY CLEAN WHEN HE WAS KILLED. AND NOT ONE COP DONE A TOXICOLOGY ON BRANDON THAT DAY... WONDER WHY?????? This case is so messed up, and I intend to make sure it gets a bit of information to ALL the Lawyers that it needs to make it right. I'm not a cop , but some of my friends are lawyers out of this county who can give all of these a run for their money....

I miss Eddie!

I read most of these comments just now, and it sickens me that there is all this fighting. Eddie was a person who stayed out of drama, and now that he is gone, there is drama. I'd hate to think that his life will be summed up by all this crap. I am angry that my friend is gone, I am angry that my best friend Julie has to go through all this backlash. I will forever miss Eddie, and I am glad that I have so many wonderful memories of him. Julie and I went to his grave on Sunday w/ Eddie's mom & stepdad, that was the hardest thing, but it was necessary. We love you Eddie, I can't wait to see you in Heaven!

you all make me sick

you all make me sick

I Miss Eddie

I suppose we will see where all the drama is REALLY coming from in the end. It certainly is not Edward.

Bellew Accident

I was a friend of Eddie's. I just got back into town and heard this horrible news. To the family I am sorry for the death of Eddie. We now have another angel that will look over us. According to my wife who works at the courthouse the accident report has yet to be released. I don't know what happened. This Tom fellow loves to harrass the family members of the victim. Smart move you think? You don't know this family obviously. He's a goldfish with a whale mentality. Tom you don't decide the final payment....that is what we have judges and jurys for. Everyone agreed wearing seatbelts COULD have or MAYBE could have had a change on the outcome. You imply you know what happened in the accident before the investigating officer did. So which driver were you? Perhaps you should send your business card you printed on your inkjet printer to the E Town Police and tell them what you know. Better yet put yur name here so we all know who you are. I sell autoparts and I wouldn't let you talk to my customers. You just think everyone else is stupid. Well I own my business and no one tells me what to do. I guess this is the reason you do insurance claims, everyone else tells you what to do. You've shown you're incompenent, a hypocrite, irritatingly silly and time-wasting, and totally callous. You keep on referring to that because you've been told repeatily you're a little prick? Seems to me that the family isn't worried about hiring a lawyer anyway. Guess you can't read? Hooked on phonics is a wonderful thing. Maybe the clients you have would appreciate you buying this program. Oh yeah you want letters of representation? Well man up and put your name and address on here so attorneys will know who you are and if they get a claim they know where to contact you and your bovine fecal matter self. Here's my last part of advice for the goldfish... don't piss off the victim's friends who are close to their family because the FAMILY not YOU has the final say in the agreed amount besides the jury that will hear this case. Oh yeah Tom your insured "if this claim crosses your desk" was arrested yesterday and charged with the accident. But you already knew that didn't you because you had the accident report that did not exist. Speculation isn't that the lawyer term you learned watching JUdge Judy. I'd pay money to see you in a real courtroom criminal case. Nows your chance. Kinda funny Tom isn't it? I mean the reality of what you say versus fact Bellew family you will remain in my thoughts and prayers. You're right we had Eddie as a friend and that will never change. You'll find out who really cared about Eddie and the family and those who don't. No one is going to talk negative about my friend, especially someone that never knew him. Oh yeah Tom I have a GED and know what libel is. Obviously you don't. Wal Mart, you know the place where us poor folk shop, sell dictionarys. Perhaps you could slip in and purchase one and shop with us poor folk. Seems like to me the insurance company will have to replace you as counsel due to your "conflict of interest" in this matter. I just hope I'm on the jury for this case if it ever goes to court. See everyone Saturday.

Your Intelligent and Insightful Comments

Please make sure you get up with me Saturday. I will have a WLM shirt on. I would like to personally thank you. Lee Family of Ed Ballew

I pray for the families of

I pray for the families of all who were involved, all this bickering,and fighting is helping no one. Times like these are when people should look to God for strength, we may not know the reasons why God decided to take his child home, one day we will.May God grant you his peace, and rest knowing that this child of God, is not suffering this wretched, painful life, we struggle thru everyday.

Eddie and Julie

Eddie was my friend and I will miss him very much. Juggy (Little man)



my brother in law who was really my brother

eddie, the coolest dude i ever met.Im so glad you came into my life. I will never forget you. U and my sister was a great match and u were my bestfriend. I could have not as ask for a better brother in law i just knew u made julie happy...... if you did not to talk to eddie or keep contact and you r one of those ones that was there for him when he had money. you can shove it cuz you dont know any kinda pain like his people who has been here for him. yea i mean all u fakes out there especially brandon M. liar

Not now

Now is not the time to be an arm-chair CSI agent. This family lost someone. Please just be respectful toward them. I am sorry for your loss.

Edward Ballew

Thank you, I put him in the grave yesterday, it was the hardest thing I have ever done. For all of you who wants to say bad things, Remember this: He was loved by many, He had a mother, 4 brothers, 1 sister, 1 neice and 2 nephews and many cousins and grandparents who are all to pieces because we lost him so long before he should have been gone. Leave our family alone..... Eddies Mom Thank you ( Not Now)


To the family of the deceased. Please do not pay any attention to this ignorant person (surfcitytom). Apparently he has NO education and or no job. Every email that he post shows his ignorance. Please enjoy the memories of your loved one and don't allow this jerk to rob you of your time to grieve. I don't you but my prayers are with you and the family. But please also pray for surfcitytomCAT because he needs plenty of PRAYER.

Elizabethtown Accident

This accident claimed one life and has greatly impacted several others. Surfcity the commenter please disclose your education and experience in accident investigation. This accident is under investigation and the last time I checked anytime someone runs into you in your lane and strikes your vehicle from an angle in a SUV it doesn't matter what the speed, it's your fault. I unlike you have interest in this matter for two reasons. First it was my second cousin, secondly I do have experience in accident reconstruction and do know how vehicles can be made to flip at ten miles an hour or so. The Elizabeth town police are investigating and doing an excellent job. So put yourself in our place. I also work for several attorneys none of which are interested in circling an accident site. Eddie you will not be forgotten, and there are lessons to be learned here.

I need to disclose

nothing to you unless you are associated with the law firm which will no doubt offer its services to the departed's family. Given the location, the fatality, and the other serious injuries in the one vehicle, it's likely there was a lack of seat belt use or an inattentive driver, or cell phone use, or a combination. At least those are some of the contributing factors I will be looking for when & if the file hits my office. You state you work for several attorneys. They must have spell and grammar check on their computers.

Just because you can say

Just because you can say something, doesnt mean that you should. A wonderful lesson I learned many years ago. Maybe you, Tom, should practice it.

Edward Ballew

Mr. Tom, You act as if you know something about Edward. You know nothing at all unless you were there. There was no cell phone in use , no inattentive driver and no one knows if they had on seatbelts but God. Maybe when you bury one of your Children you might learn what the word compassion means. Why don't you have the guts to say who you really are? Are you involved with this???????? Is that why?????? If you are so smart, Tell me what happened???? Being you know!!! watash

Elizabethtown Accident

Hitting your desk? So this means you must be the District Attorney for Bladen County? Perhaps another PI attorney. The attorneys I am employed by don't handle these types of cases, unless you are electing to pursue criminal charges against the other driver, and then due to conflicts of interest we could not address it then either. It will be interesting to see what the experts determine in this matter since there is already tons of hearsay. The physical evidence will speak loud in this case. People can lie and change their stories, the evidence does not. No one is perfect and the other driver will have to live the rest of his life knowing his actions caused a death and injuried several others as well no matter what your opinion or my opinion. Good luck with this one. Glad I'm not the one deciding the charges in this case. Because the reality of the matter is there are no winners in this situation.

SurfCityTom city won't

SurfCityTom city won't disclose anything for one of two reasons; 1) He is making more of himself than he is or 2) It would put him in a very awkward position at work and with the public if we figured out who he is when they read the careless and uncaring comments he makes here. LegalEagle, you and your family have my deepest sympathy. And you're right, there will be no winners in this situation.


on all counts. With such limited vision, I can see it unlikely you will ever attain a law degree or license. Want to improve; read without emotion and respond sensibly and not in a manner which shows how little you comprehend.

Edward Ballew

Surf city Tom??? Strange, surfing in e-town?? I want to ask you if this were your son would you be able to not be emotional? Shows a lot about you. Also, if you say "If it hits my desk", I know you , haven't figured out which one yet, but I will. By the way I'm Edward's Mom, keep my son's name out of your wordings please.

E Town Accident

Sorry Surfcity but I've forgotten more about foresnic investigation and accident investigation than you'll ever learn. I have several degrees and consult for several attorneys in the area of criminal investigation. I actually passed the bar exam in North Carolina. Your comments about this accident are without basis. So unless you are the District Attorney, a judge, or one of twelve people sitting on the jury your opinion is just that your opinion. The facts are my cousin is dead, two other people are hurt,and the driver of the other car has to live with what happened for the rest of his life regardless of your opinion or mine. I hope & pray you never loose anyone in an accident. God forbid you do, but if it happens one day let's see if you maintain your current opinion.

My My

how reactive you are. The basic question is this. Were the passengers of the vehicle which flipped wearing seat belts? Seems to be a pretty simple question. All of the blow hard rhetoric seems to be an attempt to detract from that fact.

E Town Accident

Surf I don't know and will not know until I personally speak with the investigating officer. I don't deal with hearsay. I agree that seat belts should be worn at all times. I've investigated accidents where seat beats didn't effect the outcome either way. There are many facts about this case which remain unverified. Nothing personal against you but the comments here with a family that has just lost a loved one was uncalled for. The person that struck the vehicle will have to live with the effects of this accident no matter what you or I feel. Thank you for the concern about a potential problem that effects society everyday.


that everyone has had an opportunity to beat up on Surf City Tom, I wonder if Legal Beagle is all he or she blows themselves up to be? If she or he is, then they know how to look at a police report file and determine which far flung attorneys from Raleigh, Charlotte, or other points have obtained a copy so they can offer their condolences and services once the funeral service has taken place? I wonder if he or she understands the principle of contributory negligence? As to who I am, I am the guy who will step in 16 to 20 months from now, if the insurance provider is one of the carriers we represent, and will evaluate the amount of loss in dollars which the Insurance Company will pony up to the plate. To think my whole point was not seeking guilt or innocence; my point was not to point fingers; my point was to communicate that it was highly unlikely, given the location of the accident, the fatality would have occurred had seat belts been worn. Every day, in every major city, you can see big billboards which communicate the percentage of seat belt usage for the prior month. Finally, Legal, it's clear to see why you are a consultant and apparently not a practicing attorney if indeed you graduated law school and passed the Bar Exam. Your rancour and conciliatory manner communicate negotiating skills not unlike those of a poscupine in a balloon factory. If no one can understand the need to wear seat belts, even if going only a few blocks from home, then it's easy to see why accidents like this one occur.

E town Accident

First of all Thom no one is "beating up" on you. You need to keep in mind when a loved one is taken away people react. Surfcity you seem to know more about this accident than the investigating officer, which I find interesting. Not all attorneys are ambulance chasers. I consult for attorneys in several states by choice, not that I have the desire to spend all of my time taking state bar exams, taking multiple states CLEs and I have degrees in other areas as well. The primary reason is to assist in criminal cases involving possible jail time and other penalties. I also deal in the area of assisting persons to get those goverments benefits they are entitled to. Sorta like you just in a diffrent area. So you work for the insurance company,as you have stated. " As to who I am, I am the guy who will step in 16 to 20 months from now, if the insurance provider is one of the carriers we represent, and will evaluate the amount of loss in dollars which the Insurance Company will pony up to the plate." I agree that seatbelts should always be worn as I have stated before. The investigating officer has not released the report. I'm sorry if you are employed by an insurance company that has to pay out claims for accidents similiar to this. I mean you guys in the insurance business always smile when we pay for our insurance coverage and then slowly respond when a claim is filed for the coverage we have already compensated you for. Perhaps you should be teaching school or driver's education, where you could make a positive impact on society. I personally feel that attorneys should not be able to solict business from those arrested or have been in accidents, and that insurance companies should have the same requirements. I also personally feel that insurance companies should be required to pay out claims within three months of being filed with the insured. Remember I have the additional education as an accident investigator, and have in the past been hired by companies such as your employer that finds that loophole so the claim doesn't have to be paid. So not only has my family lost a family member, which obviously you don't care about because his death might become a "claim" against an insurance company, and the insurance company will not be recieving any more insurance premiums. Nothing personal here Tom but we agree seatbelts save lives, but they are not a sure fix in any accident. So the next accident case I hear of where the driver was wearing a seatbelt is killed I look forward to reviewing your comments that the insurance company should step up and pay the claim without all of the redtape insurance companies love to use. Perhaps you should focus on gang violence also. You know since you are employed by the insurance companies that the numbers of gang related deaths are on the rise. I mean heavens forbid your employer's client has to pay out a death benefit for a gang member who got shot while hanging out with their friends, or that innocent child playing in the yard during a drive by. I wonder if he or she and their families understands the principle of contributory negligence in these situations? And then let's not forget the familes that have lost their loved ones to the hands of those involved in domestic violence. I thank you in advance Thom for your comments. I appreciate your opinion on this matter. I'm honestly thankful we have you working for the insurance companies that will now step up and play claims when the seatbelt worn by the passengers in cars don't prevent their death. My question is why up to twenty months to process any claim where the person is deceased? But I know why. I thank you also for standing up and making a point to remind everyone that seatbelts can save lives. Honestly Thom I thought you were a school teacher at one point. But your input has convinced me that you are employed by the wonderful insurance companies. Perhaps I should change and return to the area of personal injury and wrongful death. Whatcha think? Honestly.

what do I think

First, tort liability would see a marked imrpovement in reduced court case loads if you bless personal injury with your talents. Second, Delays in settling claims are rarely the result of the Insurance Carrier. No No, it's the plaintiff attorney who seeks delay after delay. Third, your postings have certainly shot the heck out of your credibility. If you had all of the experience and a law degree you represent yourself as having, you would never have made some of the ridiculous statements you've made. It really would be a hoot to see you as a plaintiff attorney. My job would be a whole lot easier.