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Accident at corner of Market and 21st has many concerned

Wilmington police responded to a three-car collision at the corner of 21st and Market Street Monday. One person was transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center to be treated for minor injuries. Bystanders say this stretch of Market Street is dangerous because the street is too narrow. “This corner is a death trap, because the road is too narrow, the people go too fast on it, and it's just criminal to have such a wonderful place marred by that kind of a travesty, that could be easily fixed by turning this into a two-lane street,” said Vivian Plassar. There was another accident at the same corner on Friday involving a scooter.

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Tight squeeze

Yes it's narrow.... so SLOW DOWN. Inattention and speed almost always is the cause of an accident. Don't sacrifice that neighborhood for the expediency of car traffic.

Not just this area

It isn't because the road is too narrow, but the speed limit not being enforced. It is that way all over town. However, if you travel MLK Parkway, you will find the City Police playing Highway Patrol out there. They need to be working more in the city where the speed should be 35.

I see City officers on that

I see City officers on that stretch of the road ALL day long. I don't think speed plays as much of a role as you think it does. I think the narrow roads and the low visibility play a more important role in those collisions

Couldn't have anything to do with?

The accidents couldn't have anything to do with people not paying attention or driving too fast could it? I agree it isn't the safest route in town, but I think a degree of blame goes to drivers for not being completely focused when they are on that stretch of road.

Yeah, this is an extremely

Yeah, this is an extremely narrow street. It makes no sense that one of the busiest streets in wilm is so narrow. A couple of inches off in either direction can cause an accident. Market Street should be either widened or restricted to compact cars. Then again, The Memorial Bridge just barely passes inspections, but is not going to be replaced anytime soon. Maybe Wilmington likes the reputation it has for having horrible bridges and roads.

They actually showcased a

They actually showcased a plan called the 'road diet' that would take it down to one lane in each direction with a beautiful median in the middle. It really showcased a great introduction into our downtown. Haven't heard much about it since, however. It had limited left turns (yay) and bus pull overs plus a bike lane, I think. It will probably never happen. Instead they'll pull up the old live oaks and pave up to the front porches of those beautiful old homes.

I stay away from market

I stay away from market until covil or so because of that stretch. Right by the cemetery down to the creek is the kind of place where you just hold on tight and try to shoot through it without losing a mirror. Due to it's infamy, most locals avoid it and as a result it is usually traveled by bad drivers and/or tourists. R.V.s, buses, etc. easily go into the left lane of oncoming traffic. Left turns also turn into congestion quick on the stretch; Market at 23rd heading east is another area that could use both widening and a left turn lane. Unfortunately there isn't much room to expand and the residents are likely to fight it.

The residents can fight it

The residents can fight it all they want. Its called eminent domain and the right-of-way.

as best as I recall

I think once upon a time the DOT wanted to widen that section but there was too much uproar about the trees that would have to be cut down. Now they blame the DOT for not widening the road. Gotta love it.